Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

This area of the neighborhood is one busy place. I can almost feel
the stress and tension as farmers hastily push their crops on stage
for this theater’s few short acts of growing. As simple a farm as
this is to run, I am a one-man band and so have stayed fairly busy.
The Natural Resources Conservation Service was out here the other day
to help with soil samples and I just got those sent. We did some of
the basic sampling but also more in-depth tests to determine soil
health. The folks from NRCS are scientists while I am not and so they
enjoyed several fairly dense questions from me however it was a good
learning experience.

Twitch actually writes my column under the pen name “Grant Nelson.”

It takes me a little while longer to write these columns as Twitch
has really accepted his position as my on-site editor. He sits in
front of the computer screen and watches every word as I type and
loves to follow the cursor. His English skills are limited but my
skills at understanding his language are equally poor so I feel I owe
him at least an honorary spot as part of my writing staff.

I moved the shade structures out to the pasture last week. I believe
you should build things strong but strength and weight typically walk
together and these structures are no exception. I pulled one out to
the pasture with my four wheeler and one with the pick-up. The
wheeler did the job but had to work so I assumed the pick-up would
pull it easy-this was not the case. It was about like pulling a
trailer with a few bales on it, not a huge task but I definitely felt
the load. I don’t care as I suspect the weight and strength will come
in handy when the cattle need somewhere to scratch.

This is a shade structure

We spoke on the phone when Jamie needed a part from you a week ago
and you said farming was “on fire” near Carrington. In other words,
you were so busy that you were just putting out fires and trying to
make the repairs that keep everyone in the field. This is the great
rush to plant timely crops that will then be eligible for crop
insurance. I don’t use crop insurance on my pasture but I like to
work when everyone else does as it feels like old times when there
were lots of farmers. Last week I used the gopher getter behind my
old Farmall and could see two other tractors at work. I could almost
imagine what it must have been like when people farmed only a few
hundred acres and little tractors, ridden by little farmers, dotted
the landscape.

Farmall 460 and Haybuster 107 drill









It was nice to see you guys at Steve’s last week. I guess that is the
first get-together we’ve all been to since dad died and it was nice.

Grant, Deb, Steve, Dave, Darrel

It was part of a week-end that was filled with mayonnaise-based
salads and cold beer. It’s nice to have a few graduations and a
family get-together when the sun is shining and it isn’t too cold.
This situation exists for only a bit in Minnesota so I guess we need
to enjoy it. Tell everyone hello, enjoy the picture of Twitch.

you’re little bro’

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