Steve’s Benefit

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Subject matter is always the hardest part of writing a newspaper column for me. This week it was pretty easy.


My brother is Steve Nelson. There are a lot of Steve Nelsons in the phone book so I will describe this one a little bit. Steve farms just north of Viking, Minnesota and owned Town and Country Meats in Newfolden last fall. Steve graduated the class of ’75 from Marshall County Central and is married to Jeana, who works as a nurse in outpatient recovery at Sanford Hospital.


Steve got sick a few years ago and has been fighting cancer since. It started out with esophageal cancer which paved the way for other cancers. If humanity has a natural enemy, I would say it is cancer. It seems to cause a particularly long and painful fight for those who are diagnosed and a terrific drain on the patient’s family.


We are planning a benefit for Steve this Sunday at the Viking School from four to eight that night. There will be a meal of sloppy joes, a silent auction, gun raffle, bake sale plus entertainment and the chance to congregate and talk. I hope you can make it.


There are so many people hurting from cancer and, fortunately, friends and family to help support them through benefits. It’s obvious I am particularly supportive of this one as Steve is my brother. However it is more than DNA that connect us. There are tangible acts and experiences we’ve shared that make his fight poignant to me. Steve worked with me endlessly to practice my football skills for the Punt, Pass and Kick competition when I was nine years old. No contestant was ever more coached and we won that one together. Steve took me to my first real movie also, it was “the Electric Horseman” starring Robert Redford and it was excellent. I still watch it every time it comes on television. Steve and I also participated in one of the most enjoyable exploits of labor ever created. Somewhere in the early eighties, we had to catch 250 pound calves several times to give them shots. We had no catch shoot so we’d just slowly move them around a hay feeder until we could catch them at a corner. I’d hurt my elbow arm wrestling that summer and re-injured it several times while catching those bundle of fur and fury but it was still sticks out in my mind as a pretty good time.


I hope you support as many benefits as you can, there are many in the newspaper and all worthy of full support. I’d like if you come to Viking Sunday night and include this benefit in events you support. Thank-you.  (for more information on Steve’s benefit, please visit our Facebook page “Steve and Jeana Nelson benefit.”)

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