Letter to Dave

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.Dear Dave,

My last month has been spent ascending and descending a ladder, Dave.
I have assigned myself the task of removing all wooden siding from my
shop, replacing it with oriented strand board (OSB) and then covering
it will steel. It seems to me that if I could just stay on the
ladder and work, the task would be soon complete. As it is, I have to
descend to cut boards or retrieve a fallen hammer then face a fear of
heights that creates great tension when I return to the ladder for my
ascent. After about three weeks, I have now removed all siding,
covered the structure in OSB and finally wrapped the structure in
Tyvek. I think my greatest satisfaction came when the truck arrived
yesterday to remove the demolition dumpster. We are now ready for
I mentioned my fear of heights, Dave. I also fear water and the
drowning that is always only six feet away whenever water is present.
Now if you fear water, you can learn to swim and that should
alleviate the fear. So if I fear heights, should I learn how to fly?
I would suggest that both fear of heights and water are distant
cousins however they both have more to do with human frailty than the
human ability to exist in either medium. It is a comfort that
although I fear the sky and fear the water, I do not fear what lies
in between.
Dave, I read that people have a 1 in 11.5 million chance of being
attacked by a shark. They also have a 1 in 24 million chance of being
killed in an amusement park ride. I’m not great at math percentages
however if you crunch these numbers it either means SeaWorld is
incredibly safe or incredibly dangerous. When it comes to worthless
bits of contemplation, Elmer Crump ain’t got nuthin’ on me.
On the agriculture front, harvest seems to me much like football
practice. You prepare both combines and young men over several days
in August for just a few days of performance. In any event, both will
soon take the field. I’ve get some of Steve’s cattle at my place this
year and they’ve done well. The only problem has been a few incidents
of foot rot although I understand it is pretty common this year.
Steve just brought a nice-looking little bull over last week so love
is definitely in the air. The cows still have little calves with
them which should spell r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-y, however the bull
doesn’t seem to connect the dots. I suspect every cow will settle
although to say any more of the matter would cause me to blush.

A note for those reading over your shoulder this morning, Dave; Good
Old Days is on this week-end in Viking. (vikingmn.com) It’s always a good show and
the parade starts Saturday morning at eleven. Tell everyone I know
in Carrington hello.
Nanu, Nanu

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