Polaris Brutus HD PTO installation

“this is a typical scoop of snow”

I purchased my Polaris Brutus UTV a little less than one year ago. I purchased the HD version which had the front lift but no cab, heat or power take-off (pto). Over the summer, I dug up enough money for cab and heat but starting price for the pto kit was about $1800 and including installation totaled about $2400 at my dealer. The dealer recently told me the kit itself was now only $720 and came with instruction to install it. We both felt I was up to the task and so I took the plunge.

I got the instructions before I even ordered the kit. The instructions document a 60–step process to installing the PTO kit however many of the steps are removing body parts and then eventually re-attaching the parts to your machine. Most of the pictures that go with the instructions are drawings but there are a few color pictures so a color printer might be nice. If you have only a laser printer it is no big deal.

The plans are very detailed and include torque specs for every bolt and even specs for the self-tapping screws. I torque everything but ended up giving many of the heavier fasteners and extra twist. None of the kit is made from aluminum so I felt confident giving the wrench just a little extra “snuse” in such cases. I also just went by feel on the self-tapping screws although do as the instructions say, not what I say.

Dealer estimate on time to install the PTO kit was 8-10 hours. I did it in about 9 ½. The two greatest time-consumers of the install were installing the belt to the pulley which is mounted inside the bell housing and removal of the hydraulic pump from the end of the bell housing. The instructions for installation of the belt were dead-on but it just takes a fair amount of time and a little determination to get the belt turned and oriented properly. The directions say to use a crows- foot attachment for your socket set to remove the two bolts which hold the hydraulic pump onto the bell housing. These bolts are torqued at 60 pounds and the crows-foot turned itself off of the bolt head. I ended up using an extension of my socket on the rear bolt and a plain old flat wrench for the top bolt. Of course when I put the pump back on I couldn’t properly torque the top bolt but I feel I gave it all of 60 pounds torque.

I would not wanted to perform this install without jack stands to give me room to work under the Brutus. A lift or even a hoist to lift the front end up high would have been really nice but I just wiggled around underneath and that worked fine. You should have a complete set of both SAE and metric wrenches/sockets to perform this install as it is a mish-mash of both. Also there are 3 new electrical connections to make but the connectors are right there and they will only fit one way so that was easy.

I would equate this install as similar to assembling a complex piece of IKEA furniture. The instructions are good enough so that if you have some basic mechanical skill and take your time, you should be fine. Just be patient, sometimes you need to sit down and really look at the drawing and then look at the machine, then repeat.

Finally, when I got done-my PTO didn’t run. Apparently, there is a computer somewhere on this machine and it didn’t recognize the addition of the new PTO. There is something called a “Polaris Smart-Wrench” which appears to me to basically be a code reader. The dealer has the “Smart-Wrench” and will plug it into the port which is under the driver’s seat to program my machine to recognize the new PTO and allow it to work. (as of 11-3-14, my dealer reprogrammed the computer for free and everything works great)

To give you an idea of my skill-level I would say I perform a fair amount of my own carpentry, electric and mechanical work. I have worked on my own tractors and skids steers but usually leave four wheelers and vehicles to a professional. The strength of installation of the PTO kit is in the excellent instructions. Also, I saved myself $1700 over the original price quote for the PTO with dealer installation. It wasn’t a bad project and with the addition of the pto I will be able to use the Polaris front-end snow blower which should arrive this week. I will review the snow blower as soon as we get something to blow.

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