Gray Winter

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.This is the gray time after Christmas and prior to spring. This is when the non-hackers, unable to weather winter’s worst, call and ask you to watch their house as they evacuate the area. It is survival time, anything is acceptable.


I actually like winter mornings on the couch. It stays dark so I never feel like I’m burning daylight. I record several agriculture/outdoor shows and awake at about four to watch them over a little coffee with the cats. I record “Machinery Pete.” “Successful Farming,” “Ag Today.” “Minnesota Bound,” “Farmweek,” “Out on the Land,” “This Week in Agribusiness,” “Farmweek” and “Ag Phd..” There’s so much agriculture programming on RFD-Tv that you probably live in town and still have a good idea of how to properly complain about commodity prices or the weather with your farmer buddies over a cup of coffee at the local cafe.


Winter is a good time to stray on your feet. I have few demands on my time so I like to work-out frequently. I look at Winter as the off-season to farming and I want to be in good shape to pound fence posts and move cattle. A good work-out leaves your body warm for hours, which feels so good when it’s so cold.


I like to work in the shop, too. Man is much better off on his feet than his rear-end and and a little shop work is a good means to that end. I have two current projects  in my cue. The first is installing a beam and rail to support a ceiling hoist. I plan to use the hoist for moving projects around my small shop. My second time-user is a cupola for my shop. A cupola is a little shack that sits on top of a building. They were used years ago to help ventilate moisture and heat through barn roofs. I have created a base and roof for my cupola but still need to mount the two which will require a hoist. I will then be able to wire the cupola for lights and cover it in steel and j channel.


Those who can take the worst element of winter and enjoy it are the real geniuses. The worst element of winter is frozen water; restrictive, obstructive snow and ice. Snowmobilers, ice-fishermen, snow-shoers and skaters are descendants of people who found themselves bored, or hungry and burdened by frozen precipitation. I have found my own niche to enjoy winter in the way I managed our snow removal. I use my Polaris Brutus with a snow blower mounted up front. I remember watching YouTube videos of the Brutus blower combination and thought how that would probably never be me. I actually look forward to a little snow now and take my place among the other crazy folks who turn snow into challenge and challenge into fun.


There is a blizzard warning today. It is snowing now. There is no sunshine.  Today is one in which I could understand a gray demeanor. Please remember, we gain a bit more sun each day and baseball’s spring training is not too far off. Take heart, now is the time to develop character that will make summer challenges seem laughable. Blue Oyster Cult sang “seasons don’t fear the reaper,” by the same token, we shouldn’t fear the seasons-particularly winter and its grayest period.

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