Letter to Dave

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.(in the newspaper form of my column, I accidentally spelled Mr Pederson’s name incorrectly. Sorry Jim)


Dear Dave,


I am so tired, Dave. I purchased a couple of items from the auction site, K-bid, last week. Everything makes so much sense in the internet and seems like such a great deal until you have to back the purchase with transport. I left Tuesday morning at about four am for Loretto, Minnesota which is just west of the Twin Cities. It was slippery the first hour and a half so I could only drive about 45 miles per hour. Anyway, I arrived in Loretto about 1045 that morning and picked up all of my treasures. I am home now and plan to stay in place for a good rest.

Dave, the one thing I like about southern Minnesota is that a lot of houses remain in their original state. My guess is that real estate values were always high so that even older homes consistently remained inhabited. Someone kept the old houses heated and did enough maintenance so they still stand yet these homes were not valuable enough to remodel and so they are an interesting view into the past. A fair amount of older homes around here were abandoned or demolished during the depressed real estate values of the late seventies and the eighties while the remaining homes got new windows, siding and a roof. I saw quite a few of these older, original homes during my trip.

You and I both graduated from Marshall County Central high School in Newfolden. Last week, several folks were inducted in the Marshall County Central Hall of Fame, Dave. I saw a picture of several teachers in attendance and it reminded of their importance in my life. Jim Pederson was my biology teacher and contributed to my appreciation of nature and water quality which continues to be one of my major interests. Sam Gebhart gave me the gift of a structured plan to physical fitness and was a model for self-discipline. He also showed me how not to care what the crowds thought and to instead let your actions speak for themselves. Finally, Ron Ueland gave me a deeper understanding of civic duty, the dynamics of government and an understanding of the Constitution. I still use Mr Ueland’s “liberty/security balance” to make decisions in my own life. What a powerful trio was in attendance that night, I unfortunately was unable to attend.

Weather here has been unseasonable warm-perhaps even unseasonably warm for spring. The week-end should see cooler temps which will give the television weatherman something dramatic to report. I always felt so exposed when we kept cattle over the winter. I was always worried that they had enough straw in which to burrow. Since we no longer keep cattle during the winter I only have to worry about the burrowing ability of our cats. Since they spend much of their evening with me on the couch on top of a quilt, I can see first-hand how well they are burrowed.


Hope you remodel project is going well and that you soon can just sit and enjoy it.


Your little bro’


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