Valentine Day Reflections

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.It’s Valentine Day; but does it really matter? To focus your love and
appreciation for someone special to one day only is akin to
acknowledging your belief in Jesus only on Christmas. In either case,
one day is too small a window of opportunity. Showing love and
appreciation in a sincere fashion is something that must occur a bit
at a time over the course of days, weeks and years.
I have written about love fairly often; I have often said that love
is a decision. To many, love is the initial burst of affection that
occurs at the beginning of any relationship but those who believe
this usually cast aside their “love” as soon as this sensation is
gone. It is an act similar to spitting out your gum when the
strongest of the flavor is gone.
Love is dedication, respect and compromise-intelligent compromise,
real compromise. Both halves to any relationship should get a little
of what they want, because when only one consistently gets their way
the relationship loses balance and everyone suffers.
So what about all the other stuff? You know- sitting next to each
other, holding hands, kissing, etc.? These are just a few of the
symptoms of love. There are however other less obvious but even more
powerful symptoms of love. The young couple who is learning to play
together by ice fishing or tubing down a snow-covered hill before
they get to the work of building a family. Perhaps consider the
experienced couple who seek mutual activities that they both can
enjoy and thereby blend their interests. How about two people who
have received the news which all of us fear yet bravely go forward
and face life with courage. These are all symptoms of mature,
thoughtful love that show depth of character in each individual and
the relationship in which they share.
I am a writer and as such may occasionally use my column for my own
good. My wife is Lisa Nelson. We have been married for better than
twelve years and we are good together. I could tell you how much I
love her and it would be the truth but listening to someone blather
on about their relationship is about as interesting as watching a
PowerPoint presentation so I will save you the time.
Here is what I want to tell you; I have been a little lost the last
few years. Changes in my life made me from a person who is always
sure of himself to one who questions. Questions are good, because
that is how you grow. Confusion is not a good thing. In my
frustration, I reached out to Lisa for some perspective and she gave
me…Love. She gave me her perspective on me, our life and our future.
It was probably no more than four of five sentences however it was
more than most people ever offer to their spouse. I felt loved and
I do not brag about the relationship I have with my wife. It is a
personal matter between us. However, I do acknowledge when someone
does the heavy lifting to make my life better-it is a symptom of her
love for me. Happy Valentine Day and acknowledge your love. But
instead of one day out of the year, make it the first of 365 days

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