My Day Off

barnThe best day at work is no better than the worst day away from work.
This probably isn’t always true however a day away from work is a
treasure. Here’s how I spend mine.

I am going on the assumption that Lisa is at work during my day off.
I work a fair amount of week-ends so this is a safe assumption. I
will also include some recent activities to give shape to my story
however each day is different.

The day starts as I chug one large mug of water while out cat, Magoo,
eats his “pre-insulin shot” meal. Twitch is Magoo’s brother and would
like nothing more than to shove Magoo aside and eat the soft, canned
diabetic cat food. I stand guard with a water bottle and spritz
Twitch to repulse his numerous assaults on Castle Magoo.

Most days, I work-out early. Katie leads us through an excellent
cycling work-out which leaves me climbing steps like an old man.
Katie leads us through the work-out but her followers include Chris
and me. If you’ve ever watched a kindergarten teacher leads children
through a museum then you have seen our work-out. Chris and I are
both talkers and both believe the other is the funniest person in
class. I’m sure Katie would rather teach the kindergartners than us
but she herds us through the work-out. After that, Chris and I get
some Douwe Egbert’s coffee and regale one another with thick-cut

Breakfast is always at Subway. Why don’t more people get breakfast at
Subway? For $4.01 (tax included,) I get a healthy, filling meal after
which I go to Pennington Main to fill my free coffee mug courtesy of
Kyle Miller’s grandmother’s estate. The effect of a work-out followed
by breakfast is a totally-satiated me.

My dad used to cruise machinery lots a lot after he moved into town.
I do the same although RV Sports and Hubert’s Outdoor Power also
consistently make the short list for my morning tour. No day in which
I go to town is complete without a trip to Fleet Supply. I may not
need a thing however a few minutes of walking around Fleet will
typically solve that problem. I also like to pet their Calico cat who
takes her morning brush-out from John at the check-out counter. She
typically holds court from the area in back of the computer as the
residual heat keeps her toasty.

Hardware Hank is a good stop made only better but their recent
remodel. It is like a whole new store to explore as nothing is
located in a familiar spot. The ‘Hank center aisle is now also on a
diagonal. It is a very similar experience to pulling up to Highway
one from the south on the Pembina Trail at Carpenter’s Corner. In
both situations; you have to pull up, then turn back about 15 degrees
so you can either see oncoming traffic or what is newly-located in
that particular aisle.

If you mapped my travel on a day off, it would be similar to that of
a stray dog that had made numerous friends along an unofficial path.
It is random in order but not in location. My days off used to be
more focused on productivity however I now also give value to
fun-much like the stray. If I asked myself what day of the week is my
favorite, the answer would be simple; my day off.

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