Matt Bruggeman has left the building

barnI feel like something is missing at work. It isn’t so much a presence but rather a storage place of good characteristics which I admire. This week I want to talk about my friend, Matt Bruggeman.

Matt recently left the employment which we share. Matt had his reasons and they are his own, I just want to tell you about him because he is a person worthy of a little newspaper space.

I remember a quote about a baseball player, it went something like “when he was out there on the field, you just had the feeling like we could always win.” That’s what it was like to work with Matt, you just felt like no matter how ugly things got, his presence made you confident that things would just work out.

I know Matt and his family pretty well. I’ve always told Matt that while he may not be the “Chief” of his family, he is no doubt its “medicine man.” Matt doesn’t talk big or make proclamations, he finds solutions and uses his own hard work to make things right. He moves quietly and puts out fires in their infancy before they lose control.

Matt likes the music of “Enya.” I don’t know why he does or what it matters, but he likes it enough that I thought I should include the fact. I forgive you, Matt.

I think I will miss Matt at work mostly for the great conversations. Matt is a thoughtful person and his conversations show it. One of his greatest interests is sports and Matt helped re-spark my interest in the Vikings a few years back. Again I forgive you, Matt.

This is starting to sound too much like a eulogy. Matt left our workplace to go to Digi-Key. He will do well there as his positive attitude and friendly manner are infectious. He will also have a brand new audience for his stories. I like Matt’s stories, although they take a little time to build. When I tell a story, I hammer it out quick just in case the world ends in the next minute. Matt carefully fleshes out each story and will “digress” often as he remembers untold details. I have great memories of good times spent talking with Matt; all the while making full ones into empty ones. Matt was also good to help on our little farm and broke concrete with a hammer with the sort of conviction that eluded him when the cattle got a little too close.

I am always happy when a friend gets what he/she wants, even if that means I won’t see them as much. Matt has told me he will now have week-ends off so I will see him more often. Matt, I hope we see you and Angie during the summer, but even if we don’t, I still plan to trash that “Enya” cd.

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