Letter to Dave

barnDear Dave,


I told you about the recent installation of the cupola I built this winter. I included an 8 watt bulb as part of the cupola and it was worth the effort to wire and install it. The little bulb provides enough light so it can be seen from the gravel road and it provides a nice little glow each evening. I hope you come by some time to see it.

Our nephew, Jamie, and I went for an airplane ride the other day, Dave. I have wanted to fly since I was little and thought perhaps I would take flight lessons. It was a good flight and we saw; our home, Jamie’s home and Viking from the air. You truly have not seen Viking until you’ve seen it from the air-simply breathtaking. Anyway, Jamie took to flight very well but I found it neither scary nor exhilarating. I guess my idea of flight would have been way slower and low enough to see deer. It’s always good to pursue a dream long enough to see if you want to make it reality. In the case of flight, it will remain a dream for now-perhaps not so often dreamt.

I am still unsure of how I will build the no-till drill for my ATV, Dave. It is almost better when I am confused because when I make a decision on a project it usually costs a fair amount of blood and treasure; effort being the blood. I see most of my projects as three years plans; conception, gathering of resources, the build, the re-build and the final build. The last few months are typically the worst as I am tired of the project and tired of spending money. I need to gloat about a finished project just to have enough internal juice to have the will to take on another project. Anyway, the no-till drill will be a winter project or it may sail off with my dream of flight.

Farmers are hitting the fields around here, Dave. I’m sure your farmers are busy out in Carrington too. I recently heard of a farmer attempting to dig out a large rock only to find frost not far below the surface. It’s good to remember that planting is still fairly early, it helps to avoid stress. I recently used the Ag PhD application on my smart phone to take soil samples. I used my phone to map my pasture paddocks after which the Ag Phd app set the points from which I gathered the samples. I then synchronized the information from my phone to my laptop and then created an account that was tied to the sample I’d recently dug. I printed out an order sheet and included it with the samples then shipped them to the laboratory. When the samples arrive, they will test my soil and give me recommendations in just a few days. I once waited 4 months for this same service locally so I am ready to be spoiled.

Bruce Jenner recently announced he was going to become a woman, Dave. The national news called this a “historic” interview. Really!? The Gettysburg Address and D-Day were historic events; “the Bruce Jenner interview we’ve all been waiting for” has zero historic importance. Our national news treats us like mushrooms; they feed is bull and keep us in the dark. After the most recent revelation from Kanye West or the latest picture of the Kardashians, it is very easy to hide real news. Our national media should be a political watchdog however their selective reporting makes the national media a shaper of politics. Even the worst blunders by select lawmakers and the executive branch rarely make more than a 24 hour news cycle. Our media is there to keep our politicians honest, not to report the words of contemporary court jesters. They are not there to be our politicians’ cheerleaders, either. I am tired of being shown shiny things.

Well that got a little intense for a letter to you, Dave. Tell the wife and kinder hello.

Your little bro’

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