Letter to Dave

barnDear Dave,

Jared was just here, Dave. You don’t know him but he is one of the owners of the cattle I am custom grazing this summer. We had a good chat and went for a cruise to check the cattle. I forget how nice it is to simply watch cattle and this little visit reminded me of how lucky I am to be a small part of their world. The cattle stare at me and I stare at them and I think we both are waiting for the other to do something interesting. I think the cattle fulfill my expectation more than I do theirs.

We missed most of the bad weather on Saturday, Dave. Those west of us saw some hail which is what concerned me most that day. I got the cattle out of the pasture so they could hide out in the barn but we never got any hail. I think the little town of Dorothy takes most of the bad weather on its shoulders for our area. I used to worry at storm announcements that included Dorothy, Minnesota as we live nearby. As it turns own, Dorothy is almost like flypaper for bad weather and seems to lure bad weather away from us.

I thought I should give you a heads-up on some Viking News, Dave. Good Ole Days is planned for the week-end of August 14th-16th. A program is planned for the evening of the 16th and I was asked to emcee that particular ceremony. It should be fun. A trip to Viking always gets me a little excited.

Lisa and I watched a retrospective on Glen Campbell last night, Dave. Campbell has Alzheimer’s and the show followed his last concert tour. He was so vulnerable that it kind of made me uneasy. He was on stage, in front of all of those people and he could have really embarrassed himself. His ability to perform was always a question but he was successful in both his vulnerability and his ability to perform. Campbell is such a talent and performed as a studio musician on many great musical works prior to stepping into the spotlight as a soloist. Watching someone take such chances and be themselves, even wounded as Campbell is, was really touching.

I may belabor the point that summer is so fleeting in Minnesota, Dave. I always watch the traffic fly by on the St Hilaire cut-across during the summer and think ho summer speeds by just like the cars. This year is different; road construction has arrived to save our summer. Instead of the cars speeding by they now have to stop and take turns weaving through construction. The speeding cars reminded me of a fleeting summer, the parked cars just seem to slow my summer down. There’s a metaphor buried in their somewhere but I am sure the frustrated vehicle occupants take less comfort in it than I. Have a nice Independence Day, your little bro’

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