Joey and Rory

I don’t fawn over celebrities; their notoriety seems to be in wildly disproportionate to their relevance. I do have one pair of well-known folks who, to me, are very relevant.

I began watching Rfd-TV several years ago. One of the shows I really enjoy is the Joey and Rory show. Joey and Rory Feek met at a country music talent competition in 2002 and eventually married. I suspect the draw between them was a shared morality and faith in God. Their music is not strictly religious although it often speaks of faith, loyalty and simplicity. I like their music because it reminds me to cherish those simple things in life that cost nothing yet add incredible value to life. They speak of their love but not in the rude or crass way that is so popular in other forms of music.

Joey Feek got sick a little bit ago. She was diagnosed with cancer and she and Rory shared her fight with their fans. There was an outpouring of love and support like you’d expect and I think everyone expected Joey to get well. Last week, Rory Feek announced that he and Joey had received very bad news on the progress of her cancer which had progressed despite ongoing treatment. They cancelled any further treatments and Rory took Joey home.
I know what you are thinking, I thought it too. He took her home to die. Rory Feek must have sensed that feeling and wrote that they were not home for Joey to die. They were home because it was the best place for them to live. We all have a short time on this earth but this truth is even more acute for Joey and Rory and they don’t want to waste a minute. They are living by loving one another and loving their family.

This story made me think, my time is short too. I hope to live long but even a good, long life isn’t a lot of time. I can’t say what is important in life but I can think of few things that are consistently satisfying. These are experiences that stick in my memory long after they are complete and typically cost little. They are so sustaining.

I can’t tell what experiences will sustain you. I do believe you can live a life that will allow you to decide what truly satisfies you. Eliminate that which does not sustain you and the good stuff will reveal itself. Focusing on possessions, status and ego are three things that blur the focus of anyone seeking a better life. Cut-out everything that doesn’t look like a good life and what you have left will be-good.

Joey and Rory Feek are at home now. No one knows the future but they are preparing for a marriage shorter than many but a love that is everlasting and sustaining. I think they can teach us about what it truly means to live by their example. To take the gifts that most of us are given throughout life and make it a priority to appreciate them. To think about these gifts, to ponder how they have changed your life and to develop the gift until it shines. Maybe that is the difference between living life and waiting to die.
(this is my favorite Joey and Rory video)

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