A night at the Sundance

barnChris Borgen told me about the Sundance Dining Room. Actually he explained the Sundance and its food with the fervor of a religious convert. My idea of the Sundance dining room
included childhood memories of the old Sunday buffet. Chris’ tales of food at the Sundance sounded like something more than an endless buffet, he seemed to describe the work of a sculptor or a craftsman.

There’s a group of us born from an interest in exercise. Working out
is where it started but our friendship grew beyond water bottles and
work-out mats. Katie Walrath has coached us through dozens of
work-outs and even a pretty nice bicycle tour of town. Melissa Borgen
is married to Chris and has attended many of these gym sessions
which are fueled by boy band music and hot dog water. Margaret is a bud just home from Wisconsin for Halloween, which was awesome. We met Sadie and husband Darren just that night and there was one more guest but the table was too long for introductions. Lisa and I rounded out the group.
Friday night, this cast met in concert with the food and on-tap brews
at the Sundance Dining room.

First off, the Sundance dining room has had some worked done to
remove the bi-level floors, which makes it more accessible. The
atmosphere includes some televisions but it is not like a sports bar;
it’s more like fine dining that understands your team is playing that

Robin waited on us; that seems like such an understatement to
describe what she does. The specials are hand-written out that day
and Robin describes each one in such loving detail that our end of
the table fell silent. She explained the specials to the west end of our table and once again we all hung on each careful detail. It’s obvious that Robin not only believes in Nathan’s work, she loves it.

You probably haven’t met many people like Nathan. Nathan builds the food. He starts
with fresh ingredients then builds flavor into each creation through the cooking
process, flavor combinations or spice. It is a creative process that
few observe however you can witness his work through taste. I always say my words are my
children; it is obvious that Nathan’s food creations are his.

Okay now, don’t be intimidated. The Sundance dining room is a casual
place which includes a children’s menu. If you get a chance, order a
“Bennet” from the kid’s menu. You’ll recognize the food but the
flavors will be deeper, more interesting and more satisfying than
just the regular deep-fried whatever. I eat fast but actually found
myself taking my time when I ate my Vietnamese meatball sandwich. The
baguette was so crusty that the crunching noise escaped my mouth through my
Eustachian tube up to my ear and amplified out the side of my head-it
was so awesome. Chris ate deconstructed Eggs Benedict that put the egg and beef front and center and left the bread on the bottom. The flavor depended on the main ingredients which were not covered by sauce. I found myself staring as Chris lifted each chunk from the plate to his mouth which was kind of weird on my part. Sorry, Chris.
Before and after eating, we had a few drinks. The Sundance has Surly Furious and Stella Artois on tap so I was covered. It was such a nice night but I am 50 now and need my sleep so we were home pretty early. We would have had fun with this group no matter what happened however the Sundance blended our friendship with food and drinks into a perfect night.

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