Letter to Dave

barnDear Dave,
There is straw on top of the drain field, Dave. That is a phrase that would sound like a clever code phrase with the exception that it is such a universal action when you live in the country. I never covered the drain field at all until the year when there was no snow to insulate our system from the cold. Now, I cannot stop. I am addicted to an earned security which may already exist without my effort, Dave. Anyway, I used insulating blankets to cover the drain field the last few years but returned to straw bales this season. I always had to stake the insulating blankets down or they would blow away in the lightest of wind. Straw makes spring clean-up more difficult but I plan to use the grapple bucket on my Brutus to complete the work.

100_0007Twitch still lives, Dave. Twitch is one of a set of diabetic cats for whom Lisa and I serve. Twitch’s diabetes has presented a lot of challenge and we have whisked Twitch to Red Lake Falls Veterinary Service on several emergency trips. I have resigned myself to digging his grave several times but he is doing really well right now. This fact means nothing as neither Lisa nor I can predict what we will wake up as we approach the cat feeding area. Lloyd Noreen once told me that he chased a bull on foot for hours and that the bull finally decided that Lloyd was (in his own words) “too dumb to give up” and finally acquiesced and went back into the corral. I feel like we have to approach Twitch and his diabetes in that same way; just too dumb to give up.
Cattle prices are down, Dave; I feel for anyone who feeds out cattle. Feeder cattle prices are about the same right now as fat cattle prices were a year ago. I really enjoyed our second year of custom grazing, Dave and having no cattle during the winter as a treat. No waterers or tractors to worry about leaves me time to worry about other things like diabetic cats.

Burley the steer
Here is Burley, the most easy-going steer I’ve ever met.
I’ve joked with Lisa that without cattle here during the winter, we are pretty much just city people living in the country. Country people are always different than most in that as long as the house is warm and the vehicles run, we are happy. We don’t stare out the window at our neighbors and wait for them to slip up so we can report them to the authorities. Unless we own a good set of binoculars, or a telescope- that makes a difference.
It is Thanksgiving this week, Dave. I guess I should announce for what I am thankful. I am thankful for my wife as she joins me as we absorb the side to side motion of life. I am thankful for social media as it has allowed me to be closer to family and friends who do not live within the 23 mile radius of our home and therefore exist outside the comfort of my travel zone. I am also thankful for you, Dave, and our Sunday night talks. They mean an awful lot. Tell the wife and kinder and the kinders’ spouses Happy Thanksgiving.
Your little bro’

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