Christmas letter to Dave


Dear Dave,

Merry Christmas, Dave! I wanted to create a metaphor for Christmas and one came to me this week. When I chose to love my wife and later marry I gave her a ring. Lisa and I celebrate our anniversary every year but it is the love we celebrate- not the ring. It is like that with Christmas, it is not the gifts that are the substance of Christmas. It is the love, we celebrate the love. Love in this case was the birth of Jesus who would later carry our sins to the grave and later rise from death thereby defeating not only sin but death itself.

I purchased some peanut brittle, Dave. I thought I was so smart because I purchased peanut brittle that was shattered and broken into little pieces. My thought process was that if there weren’t big pieces, I wouldn’t eat as much because it would take more effort to eat all those little pieces. My work ethic is rock-ribbed and made a good showing as I worked through all those little pieces over the course of a few days. I think Lisa got a little but she was unable to save me from myself.

I drank coffee with the peanut brittle; it’s so much healthier that way. I don’t know why I believe this but I always think that if I drink coffee with anything sweet that it somehow becomes an antidote to the sugar and calories. I think I can safely say that this idea has no basis in reality however who doesn’t need a good delusion to get them through the day?

Love the picture on your Christmas card, Dave. I also saw a second picture of you and your family and its newest member, your tractor. That Farmall 450 is just gorgeous but your human progeny looks pretty good too.

Okay I’m back, I had to pet Twitch. If cats have nine lives then Twitch has worked through several of them. I think this last one stuck however and his is doing well. He is gaining weight and is getting ten units of insulin both morning and night. He even “gargoyles” like he used to do years ago. “Gargoyling” is when he perches on somewhere above everyone with a stony look on his face. He does it often but more often perches on me or next to Lisa in the cupboard. Magoo also has diabetes and our wish last Christmas was that he would live; he did. This year’s wish was for Twitch to live and he is doing so much better now. God listens, even to prayers sent on behalf of little cats. I’m just glad his answer was yes as it is not always so.

Please tell Mary and the kids Merry Christmas for us. Dave. We love the pictures they post online and I plan a trip to Carrington one morning to have breakfast. I have snow to plow so I better go.
Your little bro’

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