On my mind

I have a couple of unrelated topics I would like to mix this week. I used to call these subjects, “bullet points” and title each column using that metaphor. It eventually got a little tired. Anyway, this is what’s on my mind.

Joey Feek
joey feekJoey Feek died March 4th. Joey Feek leaves her husband, Rory Feek, to raise their daughter- Indiana. “Joey and Rory” were a successful country music duo who were also successful at being married and raising children. I liked their music and enjoyed watching their show on RFD-TV. Their music was so good because it taught people how to respect their love for each other and how to come to a relationship with God. They had a little farm in Tennessee with a barn they had converted for concerts. It must have been an awfully sweet life as Joey Feek worked so hard to continue to live it. She made it to Christmas and even to see her daughter’s second birthday. Life is a balance between pain and joy and when the tipping point is reached the result is either ecstasy or death. In Joey’s case, it was both because as the pain drained away her life she also was able to reach out and touch the face of God.

The deer
White-tailed_deerDeer hunters should see more of these animals this season. The nice winter must have increased herd size because I see large amounts of deer out in the fields. I was telling Lisa a story about my experience with the deer. I remember seeing a group crossing the road which was flanked by ditches partially-filled with water and a crust of snow and ice on top. Most of the deer crossed except for two who got a little spooked. I stopped my truck because I didn’t want to see these two stragglers get separated from their group. After a little while, they got the courage to try the ditch and went off with the herd. After Lisa listened to my story she smiled and said she had done the same thing. We both told each how it was nice to be involved in the lives of these two animals and give them the gift of our patience so they could find their way. Lisa and I are a good match.

The selfie
dangerous selfieI took my first, and only, selfie picture about 15 years ago. It was a picture of me and a favorite cow. I put my arm around her neck and pulled her head close to mine and took the picture. Headbutt was her name and she didn’t care for the picture by enjoyed the attention. I like selfies of friends or family posing together however it seems excessive for the photographer to insinuate themselves into each picture of a historical monument or natural wonder. It seems to me more important to enjoy the experience than to gather proof that you enjoyed the experience.
That’s all I have for you this week, now go about your day.

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