The Responsibility/Ego Balance

When I watch television, I usually sit on the couch. All three cats
like to join me but it takes some organization. It is almost like
being an air-traffic controller as I organize their placement around
I planned for this column to be about something else but a thought
just entered my mind; “did I just offend air-traffic controllers?”
Did I demean them by comparing their job to placing cats on the
couch? Is someone going to be upset about my light-hearted reference?

When did people become so overly-sensitive and thin-skinned and why
are we such babies? crying baby

Here’s one thing I know; when you don’t have problems in your life,
you typically look for problems. This is a country that no longer
needs physical effort because we have machines that do much of our
work for us. This is a country that doesn’t need to think very hard
because computers control our machines. We no longer need to worry
about our daily bread because that bread is most times a sure thing.
Our place in this world has become so assured that we no longer worry
about daily needs. Without worry, we look for problems.

Adults now worry about their own egos. We worry if someone talks about
us. We worry if someone gets a bigger portion of life, money or
possessions than we do. We have become hyper-sensitive to our own
needs to the point we are now hard-wired to monitor for anything that
might offend us. When we can find nothing that offends us, we lower
the bar on what assaults our tender sensibilities. This is a problem.
responsible dog

While we have time to improve our communities and take on the
responsibilities of adults, we instead shed these duties. A few
decades ago, people accepted responsibility as a way to define
themselves. Today we’d rather spend time on our external reflection
than the internal light of good character. It actually makes sense
that as we act more childish and concerned with our own egos that we
no longer welcome responsibility. This same childish perspective is
also the same reason why we no longer feel that sticks and stone may
break our bones but words will never hurt us.

Maybe that is where this all leads; we have lost so much
responsibility for our own physical survival and that of our society
that we now focus only on our own ego. When we focus on ourselves
only, we become the center of our own world which makes us believe
that everyone must think and act as we do or we become upset.
These actions make us think like children. It is the
responsibility/ego balance-the more you have of one, the less you
have of the other.
Here’s the thing; responsibility is what defines
you as an adult. If you never develop into an adult then you will
always be a child, forever upset and hurt at what someone said or the
fact their opinion is different from yours.

2 thoughts on “The Responsibility/Ego Balance

  1. Man do I agree. Getting along is so much easier than survival. Placing things into proper perspective is huge. So what if somebody thinks differently than I do. That’s what makes things interesting & conversations worth having.
    Their thoughts don’t define me. My ever developing character does.
    Good read, thanks for stating your take.


    1. Thank-you for your comment, it really added to my thoughts on the subject. I don’t know how many times I have had to remind friends that we don’t have to like the same things or the same people to be friends. Different opinions make life interesting and I see it as a sign of intelligence to enter into an argument, listen to the other guy/gals side and change your opinion if their argument is both compelling and factual. People get so mad when someone disagrees; whatever happened to civil discourse?


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