A dispatch to Carrington/Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I typically write these letters; then edit a little. Due to time constraints, this week’s letter is going out unpasteurized.

I typically write my letters to you in the morning but there was no morning on Wednesday. There was pre-dawn and afternoon, but no morning. The period of time usually occupied by the morning was only a blur with lots of activity.

Red_angus_cows_oregonThe Peterson boys were bringing their cattle for summer pasture today. It was wet and raining which slows everything by about thirty percent. The rain showed me that two of the pumps we use to keep our yard dry were not working. I got most of the fence checked before the first load of cattle. The thing is, Dave, cattle rarely get out through fence. Of the few times I have had unrestrained cattle on our farm, it was almost always as a result of me leaving a gate open. That’s what happened today-twice. I was busy enough that I left two separate gates open in the space of about ten minutes. I got the cattle back in but decided I should maybe write myself post-it notes as reminders.

Those pumps were next on the list. These are submersible sump-pumps will float valves. The first pump had wiggled too close to the sidewall of the sump basket so that was pretty easy to fix. The second pump was an electric problem which is always fun to fix while standing in water. Anyway, an ugly win is just as good as a pretty win and this battle was won ugly. Dirty and wet am I but proud, and tired.

I suspect you are as wet as we are Dave. wet fieldsI wish I could go back to the days when I worried about a drought. We don’t keep a rain gauge but I would guess we crested five inches of rain sometime Tuesday night. The pasture has soaked up the extra moisture pretty well as I drove the ditches and didn’t even wet the tires but I think we can hold off for a bit now.

I purchased a bike this year, Dave. Not the cool kind with a huge motor but the kind you pedal. townieI took it out for a couple of trips around the section and really enjoyed it. Sunday morning seems a pretty good time as the St Hilaire cut-across is pretty much left alone for my exclusive use in the early morning. I forgot how pleasant a freedom was the bicycle. Back home in Viking, the bicycle was the best way to get a little time away and to myself. I loved riding on the tar and tolerated riding on gravel however it was all pretty nice.

I saw the school district in Carrington passed a referendum for a new school. A school is to small-town America what a kitchen is to a home so it seems to me a good place to spend money. I hope the kids in Carrington enjoy it. Tell everyone hello.

Your little bro’

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