Letter to Dave

(by the way, I noticed this is my 61st letter to my brother since I started posting on Areavoices.GN)

Dear Dave,

I was thinking about life the other day. When I was younger, it seemed much of my life was a long, tedious road upon which I made progress only by greater effort. There never seemed to be a crossroads-just more hard driving. As I have become older, decisions seem to be where I gain more traction in life. I am at a time where progress is gained by choosing the best path instead of accepting the path I am given and traveling it more quickly. The first few decades of my life included very few intersections, now it is almost completely made up of crossroads.

So endeth my vending machine philosophy. One snippet for a quarter which is still better than trying to get a stuffed animal from the automated cranes I like so much. crane

Politics is everywhere, Dave. It is a little gross. I am only in middle age and can remember a time when politics held much less importance than it does now. People held their faith, their family and their responsibility in much higher regard than politics only a few decades ago. The Federal arm of our Nations’ government has worked hard to drum up unending drama as a tool to constantly draw our attention. Our attention is typically focused on that which is most important in our lives. In a bit of reverse engineering, National politics has drawn our constant attention so that we believe it is the most important relationship in our lives. I would agree that Washington, DC has a lot of control in our lives however that is something we can change. big brotherI am most worried when Washington, DC has control of our minds, our morals and our priorities.

I always feel like I need to shower after I talk politics. I just feel dirty. Let’s talk about good dirt: farming.
The cattle are still here and we had one little straggler born on Sunday. Most of the calves are now so big that they blend in with their mothers when viewed from the road. They are eating machines and proficient at their tasks. Most of the mothers are in a very stressful portion of their lives as they are feeding a huge calf, hopefully growing another inside for next spring and putting fat on for the winter. I am still feeding hay as I await a second killing frost after which the cattle will be back on pasture. We are feeding a lot of hay each day. It’s easy to forget how much a cow eats when she is just moving from pasture paddock to paddock. When you have to deliver her food, it makes you realize just how much groceries it takes to maintain a cow.

daves pic churchBy the way, those pictures you are taking of summer as it hands the baton to fall are beautiful. There is a subtle sweetness and crushing nostalgia as the leaves and trees hunker down for winter and we turn our back on the sun. I used it for the featured picture on this week’s column.
Your little bro

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