Cabin Fever Recovery Reflections

Christmas day was a little strange around here as we were hunkered down for a storm. Even about two days a slight case of cabin fever could easily be detected.

I kept busy feeding our local wildlife. I was so happy not to have cattle during the winter to feed. I now have rabbits, songbirds and turkeys which have taken the place of bovines on my feeding schedule. The turkeys eat a lot. I finally purchased some cracked corn sold as cattle feed because I could get 50 pounds for only ten dollars; bird food is too expensive on the scale which the turkeys eat. The turkeys forced us to stay indoors during the storm as neither Lisa or I wanted to scare them off. We got to take pictures of them which was fun but shoveling snow now includes shoveling turkey fertilizer. You take the good with the bad.

Day one of winter storm home detention was weird but day two was worse. I believe we could have moved around some on Sunday but Monday driving would have been hazardous so-back to the couch. I began a program of rotating couch cushions to evenly divide wear due to increased usage. This also involved rotating the cats who spent the storm either riding the couch or cuddled up to Lisa in her chair. Any of our power outages were short and I believe they were mostly just wires touching each other in the wind. These little blips caused panic as each one shut the television off. The television programming was so good that we didn’t watch “the Outlaw Josie Wales.” We typically watch Josie Wales every time it comes on but the programming competition was very stiff during the week-end of our discontent.
Monday afternoon I blew snow with my Polaris Brutus. If I had ever wondered about the capabilities of this machine, Monday wiped them out. I blew snow that thought it was concrete with no problem. I broke one sheer pin but that was more an indication of how hard was the snow. Anyway, I finished up about five Monday evening.
I worried about a power outage during Christmas day was a bit odd as Lisa and I spent it hunkered down at home, waiting out the storm. We still had a nice Christmas and spent about 48 hours together with our cats-time well spent.
The elephant in the room during this storm was whether the power would go out. A little snow delays travel plans however ice storms break power lines. Little is more lonely than sitting in the dark and waiting for the warm indoors to equalize with the cold outdoors. Lisa and I saw several online posts from friends who had lost power, sometimes for quite a while. Posts from Jamestown, Grand Forks and much of North Dakota came from people who had nothing to soothe jangled nerves except their laptop or smartphone.

We worried about power outages during the storm but can you imagine how someone who works for an electric utility worries? During an outage, people who work for an electric cooperative not only go without powers themselves but have to go out in the brutal conditions and fix the problem. These folks are winter warriors and deserve some of the love normally reserved for cops and firemen. Thank-you for what you do.

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