Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

It is Sunday morning and I am having an early morning cat and coffee call. It is 4:30 and coffee is creating itself drop by drop while I station that cats in assigned spots on the couch. This is also a time for a favorite past time of men across the nation-deleting old shows from the DVR. I get a feeling of accomplishment wildly disproportionate to the amount of effort needed to complete this task, it’s really gratifying. To go through shows recorded long-ago and never watched and consign them to the digital dump makes me feel good.

I save these letters as I write them. I hit the save button about every 100 words at which time the date appears. It is now 2017 and I am ready for it. I look forward to spring and some cattle to eat the pasture and keep me busy. Until then, I will keep plowing and blowing the snow which has not melted. So much snow is gone that it is almost a problem. I allow a few inches of built up snow to protect the gravel road and sod from my snow plow. If this protective covering melts then I will have to start all over again, Dave.

I know Carrington has a lot of snow. I’ve seen your pictures of the little asphalt canals in Carrington that lie between riverbanks of stacked snow. I guess a little melt will be good for you folks as it is much cheaper than hauling it away in trucks.

I am still busy building new doors for the barn, Dave. Door-building is good work as it is indoor with heat and a radio to keep me entertained. A man who likes his work is hard to remove from the workplace and that is how I am in the shop. It reminds me of when I was just a boy on the farm, building bird house after bird house. I will probably end up with some extra doors by the time spring comes around but it’s good work for my head and keeps cabin fever at bay.
The turkeys are gone, Dave. I suspect the warm weather made my steady supply of chicken feed less important to them and they went off in search of a larger flock. I kind of miss the turkeys but calling a turkey your own is like saying you own the wind. They are a freedom-loving bunch and belong only to nature. Maybe they will show up again if it gets chilly, Dave.

I hope we can get together again like at Christmas. At my age, you start to really appreciate the friends and family who still live around the area or are willing to drive a little to visit.

Well, I have training in the cities this week, so I better go pack. Overnight trips are unsettling to me so I like to be as organized as possible.
Tell everyone hello, your little bro.

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