Taking Joy in Choice

This is the nice time of winter. I am now to the point where I expect pain from the cold and accept whatever the weather offers. It is also a time when I can see spring. It is an optimistic time when all seems possible.
I don’t know if people still look at seed catalogs but that is how people entertained their minds in the winter at one time. You could sit and choose seeds for the gardening season which was basically buying yourself work. I do something similar with pasture seed but I also scan through a few catalogs dedicated to cattle fencing.
I don’t really get the catalogs anymore; mostly just websites which aren’t as enjoyable as a catalogs. I mean there’s nothing to hold and a website only allows you to look at a little piece at a time.
I love planning fence so I have been pouring over the Kencove and Premier catalogs. This year I plan to divide all of my interior fence in half. This will allow me to place the shade structures at the mid-point of the pasture paddocks and move them right down the middle as the cattle move from paddock to paddock. I will place a gate at each subdivision to control movement.
I surprise myself at how often I miss the obvious, such is the case with fencing. I have been cutting very heavy, high-tensile wire with a simple pair of pliers for years. I knew there existed a much nicer wire cutter that was made for this purpose but I just could not wrap my mind around purchasing something to make life easier. I got my mind wrapped out it today, online purchase made.
I also ordered a new fence energizer. Part of our pasture fence is energized by a fencer that is remotely controlled by a unit I carry. I plan to add another such energizer to the system this year to the river paddock and yard. This is a nice feature as fence sometimes need repair and you can save yourself many steps by remotely turning off the power.

Sitting with Lisa and the cats awaiting the Super Bowl, I discovered something-Laine enjoys choosing her spot. She could easily plop down anywhere but she likes to take her time and enjoy the experience of her choice. She looks around, imagines what joy they may bring and then choses. I get that, you have to enjoy every little twist and turn of life because the big things are few and far between. Maybe that is the pleasure of seed and fence catalogs; the pleasure of using your imagination to decide what might be based upon your choices and your effort then taking the responsibility and making that choice.

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