Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

It snowed the other day and I was shocked. My perspective of winter would be more accurately matched to someone else, somewhere else. The mind of a resident of northern Minnesota must be grim and determined-it must expect and plan for the worst. Until the worst arrives, I will continue to enjoy our February spring.

I spoke with your son, Ryan, this week. He was busy with errands but found some time to listen to a crazy idea of mine. I have long considered some video monitoring of the cattle so I asked Ryan if he could offer a bit of expertise. The purpose of video monitoring of cattle, in addition to the wholesale incineration of cash, would be peace of mind. I trust my fences but as President Reagan used to say, “you should trust but verify.” It would be nice to verify the cattle are where they should be when I am not home. I have a priority checklist of projects so completion of this project will depend on how many pencils strikes I perform on the list before I run out of priority.

Okay, Dave-I believe I have successfully buried the lead. I bought a tractor, Dave. Nothing huge, fancy or even relatively current-but it’s a tractor! I haven’t had one for a few years but decided I needed something small to help with projects and maybe move a little class five gravel. I’m saving this subject matter for a later column, but I thought you should know.

My pre-projects continue for the barn. There’s too much snow to start the barn project but I have broken this task into several pre-projects. These are tasks I can complete indoors and then later move them to the barn. I have the interior barn rail hung and all new doors are ready. I plan to cover the gable end with steel but a lot of the façade will be decorative so I could not use ribbed steel. I found out that barn red, smooth coil stock could be purchased then cut to length. The 20 foot coils are a little unwieldy but manageable.

I hope all is going well in Carrington, Dave. I know there was a recent fire which claimed three victims which must have caused a lot of sadness in your little town. It seems like the end of winter always brings about drownings and fire-spring will be a good relief.

I have a meeting in town in just a bit. We are laying out the policies and procedure for the new justice center. It’s a lot to think about but there are good people with fresh, logical perspectives who will make this project great and set a new course for us. I like when the next generation steps forward and accepts responsibility to make things work well.

Anyway, tell everyone hello let’s think spring, perhaps it will then feel welcome.
Your little bro’

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