Tractors: It Must Be Love

Man, nothing has that new tractor smell, especially when the tractor is old. Dirt, grease, leaking hydraulic oil and the smell of enamel from that fresh paint-can, paint job complete with overspray on the chrome. I just love it.

I sold both of my tractors about four years ago. The purpose for tractors had always been to make hay, feed hay and move some snow. I transitioned away from all of those activities and so a tractor was no longer needed.

I started shopping for a tractor the day after I sold mine. I can’t fashion living on a farm without either cattle or a tractor. It just feels like shaking hands with my wife instead of giving her a kiss-nice but not quite what I was thinking.

I tried to talk myself into a new tractor. I mean there are such good interest rates and you can always pay monthly but that just seemed like a sort of slavery not worth my time. I considered what I really needed from a tractor; what was the purpose of the purchase. I didn’t need high horsepower to run an attachment or even to perform field work. What I really needed was a hired man who was about 6’6” tall with weight and strength to scale complete with a young lower back. I tried to talk my friend Andy into some sort of farmhand job but he was already pretty busy. I just needed some help to move things, compact size to enter a building and to be able to step off the unit while holding a load off the ground.

1959 was a good year, at least as good as any other year. People like cars from that era so why not a tractor? J.I. Case produced some very nice tractors at the time so that is where I ended. I started elsewhere but Case yellow is where I decided to make my stand.

My new tractor is a Case 210b; Case produced this tractor in 1958-1959-mine is a ’59. The first time I looked at this tractor I just felt like I was home. This will sound silly but the last time I felt this way was when I met my wife. The feeling was way stronger when I met Lisa but this experience was in the same ballpark.

I liked how easy it was to step into the 210’s control station and how low the tractor sat. It also came with a Case front-end loader which was matched to it. The front axle is very stout so I won’t be shy to pick-up something if I feel like it. This little tractor also has a mechanical shuttle-shift. What this means is that I can go forward or back by just moving a lever forward or back. It is a very smooth move and will be perfect for repetitive work. I was also happy to see the tractor came equipped with power steering and a three-point hitch with a factory quick-attach.

Quick-attach three point which I thought was unique.

There is something to be said for pride of ownership. My feelings for this tractor include pride but I think it goes deeper than simple title claim. It must be love.

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