The One and Only

(Lisa said I made us sound some like a very old couple in this column!)

Something is happening to our area restaurants, they are disappearing. In a time of
seeming prosperity and expansion, some of our retail is receding and this includes

It’s important to patronize the local establishments and it’s enjoyable to eat a good
meal away from home. We recently tried the “One and Only” in Euclid and did our part
to patronize a local establishment as we had something good to eat.

Okay, I am a nostalgic guy. I love hearing about local history which includes the old
restaurants, bars and dance halls. I’ve driven through Euclid before and noticed the
cool, old building on the west side of Highway 75 and considered its story and what
was happening inside; Lisa and I set-out on a Sunday afternoon to find out.

I think Lisa and I found the “One and Only” to be kind of a mix of old and new. The
south side of the interior was nice, knotty-pine with a full bar and nice lighting. We
saw a couple of friendly faces and I got to talk about cattle which made me feel good.

We could have eaten at the bar but decided to go up a few steps to the restaurant
service area. I liked this area as it was still pretty much old and proud of it. I don’t
know the history of the building but the interior reminded me of the old grocery stores
my mother and I went to when I was young. Lisa and I were both entertained as we
tried to decipher the story of the old building while we waited for food and Lisa drank
her iced tea and I worked my way through a Angry Orchard cider.

We both had sandwiches with onion rings. The sandwiches were neat and tightly made
with really generous portions of meat and fresh vegetables. They were excellent and
you could tell they were made by someone who cars. I notice when people try as it
shows in their work. It truly is the little things that make a difference.

The onion rings were beautiful; Lisa and I discussed whether they were battered and
fried twice. The coating of the onion rings was so nice and solid that you could plow
them right through the ketchup without hesitation. This made for a truly crunchy
initial bite with that included a nice portion of onion each time. I hate it when onion
rings crumble and you end up with mess that needs help from your fork to eat. These
rings were made right.

I like the table set-up as it lent itself to a family or a couple. Entry can be made from
the front door which faces the highway or from the little parking lot entry on the
south side of the building. Service was great and they even take checks; talk about
nostalgia! We also took a little drive around Euclid after our meal which was fun, it’s a
nice little town.

I believe we should support the effort and courage of anyone who opens a business.
It’s always great when a business truly deserves that support because their product,
service and experience is good. Lisa and I can recommend the One and Only in Euclidthey
deserve it.

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