Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I have enjoyed a week of summer and am now ready for fall. Winter can wait for a bit, but my welcome is out for fall.

Now that previous statement isn’t completely true. I mean, we still have a lot of pasture through which the cattle will need time to gnaw. However, I find the fall a particularly sweet time of life and the winter is a time when I don’t feed guilty to lay low a bit.

Last week-end anchored the summer with an outstanding day that has already been archived somewhere in my mind as a nice memory. Our nephew, Ben, turned 30 and we celebrated the event at the home of Ben’s grandparents. Grandma Barb put on a summertime feast like our mom used to create. Every different genre of cold salad found a place to her table along with ribs, chicken and beans. My head swirled it’s way back to the eighties near Viking as I recalled some of our little picnics when I saw the spread. There were some excellent, funny people who welcomed us into their lives for an afternoon of laughter I won’t soon forget. I got my summer time memory for 2017; I’m good.

I want to get the word out, Dave. The TRF Beards and Beers festival is on for July 15th at the Pennington County Fair. Last year, we were the surprise hit of the fair with just a simple beard competition. This year, we’ve added a home brew demonstration and Minnesota craft beer sampling. I was honored to emcee the beard competition last year and had a blast. Once again, I get to man the microphone for very cool event. Those who want to compete need to cast aside their razors and check into the Facebook page to get registered. All proceeds go the Pennington County Dare program.

Sorry to hear about the rough weather you’ve received over the last few weeks, Dave. We usually receive Carrington’s weather a few hours after it makes an appearance but we’ve managed to dodge it this season. I suppose our time will come but I hope it stays nice. Curt Swanson and I get a laugh out of comparing how different our rainfall amounts can be when we live so close together-he has seen more clouds than us so far.

I have been neck deep in projects this spring but none worth mentioning until just recently-my tower light. I purchase two lights that flash in reaction to the presence of voltage in our cattle fences. I mounted these two lights in an opposed fashion using threaded rod, pvc and two toilet bowl fixtures and am now in the process of creating a pulley system to move the whole thing up through the inside of some self-standing tower sections. What this means is that I will be able to see our fence is working from pretty much anywhere within a mile of home. The lights will be positioned about 15 an 12 feet above the ground. The higher light will show power from the south fence an the lower light will prove power from the north fence. Watch for a future column on the whole process.

It’s a Wednesday,Dave, so I better make the cat insulin run. Tell everyone hello.
You’re little bro’

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