TRF Beards and Beers Festival

I’d like to start this column with some sort of call to action from all those men who sport a beard or other facial hair. The truth is, that call would have to spread more broadly to include women and children. It would also include those who brew their own beer. Confused? This column will do nothing to change that confusion.

This is the second year for a beard and facial hair competition at the Pennington County Fair. We were kind of the surprise feature of the fair last year as we had such great participation and attendance. In a constant drive to join two things that make each other greater, we will introduce craft beer making to this years competition. Please see this as your invitation to join us Saturday at the Pennington County Fair for the TRF Beards and Beers Festival..

Event organizer, Devon Grandbois.
Event organizer, Devon Grandbois.
Okay, beards are really popular now and the reason for this is as unique as the person. Some like the way it feels, the way it looks or maybe it is just a chance to change your identity a bit. Craft beer making has become popular because people became bored with the same few commercial pilsners and lagers. I think we all have a little scientist in us and creating your own beer requires some knowledge and experimentation-kind of like a good cook or baker.

At 1030 the morning of July 15th, those who know how to make good beer will join with those who know how to drink good beer in a home brew demonstration and Minnesota craft beer tasting. This should be a perfect warm-up for the beard and mustache competition. The fair board gave us quite a bit more space this year but we will need it as we’ve added a kids’ beards division along with the lady whisker competition.

We needed more space for seating based on last years response. We also needed the space for more features such as selfie stations. These are spots where you can take a selfie during the competition then load them up to the Beards and Beers Facebook page. The best selfie receives a prize and a potential lifetime of adoration from several.

Okay, here’s my heartfelt pitch and call to action. I did not know what to make of TRF Beards and Mustache competition last year, however, it was a blast. I mean, I have thought about it many times since last summer and always smiled. When Devon Grandbois told me they were adding the home brew demonstrations and craft beers from Minnesota for tasting, I could hardly wait. This is going to be fun and will include even more audience participation. Devon told me that even more competitors from the bearded culture plan to show this year. They even think this is a big deal!

Pre-registration for the competition can be found on the Facebook page at theTRF Beards and Beers Festival. There’s also more information about the beer-tasting and craft beer demonstration. County fairs are changing to reflect the interests of those who attend. TRF Beards and Beers is a good example of this change.

Got beer? Got a beard? Come see us at the fair.

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