TRF Beards and Beers Review

I need something during the summer. I don’t really enjoy the weather so I need something else to give my summer a little bump. I got it again last week-end as I emceed the TRF Beards and Beers Festival.

So, I wrote a few columns back about the TRF Beards and Beers Festival; I told you it would be awesome-I did not lie. It is now a memory I will allow to wander my mind as long as it wishes.

If you want to know the placement order for the beard and mustache competition, please check out the TRF Beards and Beers Facebook. I don’t have room here to list all of these wonderful contestants. Something I would like to mention is that Marc McShane joined us as a judge this year. He is the national champion so he made an excellent judge. Doug Lindsay and Dennis Mescall joined us as judges as they did last year-two great guys.

The judges

I want to say something about the trophies-I want to tell you they were really cool. The Pottery Shard created either a beard or mustache from clay which was then mounted on a nice, chunky block of wood which had been angle cut. There was a ton of work invested in each trophy and I overhead many people make mention of the beautiful trophies. There were also spinners for the kids made from bicycle chain that were really a clever design.

Before the beardos (yep-correct spelling) took the stage, we had a craft beer demonstration and tasting. I was busy but caught some of the demonstration and it was really enlightening. It makes perfect sense, why wouldn’t home-made taste better than store-bought? You may have to learn about the process and practice but isn’t it awesome to be able to make the beer you want to drink?

“Big” Wayne Hanson remembered my in a very nice way. In life, Wayne received the height that never found me and he remembered how I needed to stretch to get a microphone close to his mouth last year. Wayne brought me a stool to stand on! I truly believe it was equal parts humor and kindness and it made me feel great.

John Huber is a good communicator and an excellent competitor. Last year, he said a few words that covered a lot of what everyone was feeling. He did it again this year, John makes people feel good with what he has to say. I would try to tell you what he said but really, you just had to be there.

Somewhere between the facial hair, the craft beer and all of the crafting and creation-we all crossed paths. Each one of us could place ourselves somewhere within the festival in a very personal way. Whether it was the creativity of lady beard crafted from actual hard, red spring wheat or the careful work it takes to make a tasty, refreshing beer-we all found something that tripped that trigger in a person’s mind that makes you want to go create. The festival was more than the sum of its parts. I will enjoy the delicious expectation of what next year will bring until July 2018 when once again I put away my razor.

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