Dear Dave

Dear Dave,

I know some people dislike change; so do cats. We recently relocated our network litter boxes in order to accommodate a change in the household. These changes were fairly subtle and involved only a few feet. Magoo and Twitch did fine with the change however Laine has reacted by choosing her own location for a litter box. We are working to undo those original, subtle changes to our litter box network in an effort to restore order. The whole thing reminds me of how the Mafia Boss from “Gomorrah” caused a prison riot when the warden made changes that didn’t meet the Boss’ approval.

We are dry, Dave. I imagine the wheat growers are fine because a fair amount of grain has already turned however it is a concern for pasture. We never allow the cattle to eat the grass to ground level so we always have a little canopy the helps keep the soil moist. Years of rotational grazing have slowly given us more organic matter in our soil too which holds moisture. The truth is, even with all of these advantages, we need rain.

I really like the pictures you have been taking around Carrington. I think the most recent one featuring railroad tracks which lead to a setting sun is probably my favorite; railroad tracks and a setting sun are pretty symbolic and powerful images. I always wanted to know where the old SOO Line tracks went when they left Viking when I was a kid. I always felt that if I could just follow the tracks, I would find something very cool and interesting. A setting sun can either be a little disappointing or incredibly satisfying-I’ve felt both emotions. In the end, it’s all a matter of perspective. My perspective on your pictures is that they are excellent.

Work has been fine for me, Dave. We’ve had a lot of change in the last few years which I find exciting. I like change however there are always those who resist it. Those who resist change typically have a reaction similar to Laine when we moved her litter box. Hope all is going well with your work too. I imagine you are not too far away from harvest so I suppose people are getting service done on their combines.

It’s weird, I just saw a sprayer out on some soybeans around here recently and now we are talking about combining. Farming seems to me to be a more intense act than in the past. Seeding and harvest were both a marathon years ago and now there are more like 2k race. You would think people would have more time but I think most instead just get more acres.

I was checking fence last week-end Dave. I saw a little, red flag floating above the fields approaching me. To my relief, I was able to identify this apparition as it got closer. I followed the flag down to a person driving a tiny motorbike driving through the wheat. It was a young lady from the Wheat Growers Association flagging a field. It was nice to have a little company otherwise it was just me in the whole section.
It was nice to talk the other night, Dave. Thank goodness for phones as I am not a traveler. Please tell everyone hello and good luck to your farmers with harvest.

You’re little bro’ (this portion of the column didn’t make it into my newspaper column but I will include it here. I purchased a vintage International Harvester jacket. The patch is my featured picture and this is me modeling my new purchase. I know I should have smiled-I hate pictures and asked my wife to cut my head off but she was in charge of the picture)

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