A Long, Healthy Summer

Each summer seems to have a theme or a thread that runs throughout the whole season. The theme most predominant this summer seems to be health care at our place.

The animals that live at our place are very much like family. The cats are absolutely family and the cows are like nieces and nephews that spend the summer on the farm. It’s a happy bunch but sometimes they get sick.
Twitch scared us this year when a vaccination caused him enough pain to put him off food. He was whisked away to the veterinarian where some Metacam took away the pain and he was back in business. I think his real motivation was just to get a day at Red Lake Falls Veterinary Clinic because he gets pampered by all the nice people.

I injured my elbow during a work-out. It hurt so much that I was sticking my hand in my pocket to brace my arm. I went to Dr Sedra with the idea I would get a shot of cortisone. Dr Sedra recommended something else-acupuncture. I have an open mind to alternative medical practices but I wasn’t sure about acupuncture. Dr Sedra inserted long needles to the point they touched my bones in an effort to stimulate healing. I got just a little nauseous at first but after 15 minutes I actually felt better. I have injured this elbow before and it usually takes weeks to repair, but in this case, I was back to near-normal in a week. It was amazing-and I rarely use the word amazing.

One of the little calves got sick this summer too. His blood tests showed high levels of white blood cells and nothing else. He had some sort of infection so we began a course of antibiotics. It took a couple of visits, I.V. fluids and several different types of antibiotics to make him better. He’s back with his mother now and his temperature is normal but this was a real fight. I’m glad we got to keep him.

On a lighter note, I had an insect bite that became red and alarming. I am outside a lot during the summer and present a moveable feast to the local insect population. My regular doctor was out of town so I tried “Dr On-Demand” which is a phone app. I remotely met face to phone with a doctor and took a picture of my bite so she could view it. The picture was the hardest part as it was at the limit of my flexibility. She gave me a diagnosis and some cream to rub on the bite. For simple things, this was a quick, convenient way to get some piece of mind and keep my skin clear and beautiful like the teenager I am.

What about Lisa? Lisa is a pretty healthy girl so she was fine this summer. I like to sing lines of favorite songs over and over again and I do a lot of that during the summer. I guess you could that is something that makes her a little ill.

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