Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

It’s been several weeks since I wrote you. Christmas always carries so many potential topics that time got away from me.

Each week I have interviewed you on my radio program. This is not really an interview in that I don’t really ask any questions other than, “how are you doing,” after which it is just a typical conversation. I have really enjoyed it, though. I especially like talking about old tractors we have known or remember.

I thought perhaps our family would not gather for Christmas this year until I got your text. Our little gathering at Deb and Mike’s was really nice. Some family members were missing but at east we kept the thread of continuity going for next year. Deb’s dog Cole and I got to know each other better and clear up some past misunderstandings which was a nice way to start the New Year. Mary’s biscotti was so good and I got to take some home to eat sparingly throughout the week although it was gone the next morning. I understand the recipe was passed down from Aunt Wilma so that made me feel good and nostalgic.

We could talk about the weather but we already know that it is cold. The upside of really cold weather is that we don’t typically get a lot of snow when it is this cold. I put a lot of work into keeping our yard cleared of snow but I never really get an extended time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. About the time I get done with the final steps of snow removal, we get more snow; to leisurely enjoy a nice clean yard without needing to remove the latest inch or so of snowfall makes the cold temperatures almost worth it-almost.

We no-tilled some clover and rye grass into standing pasture last year, Dave. The ground was very hard and dry but rain arrived soon after planting. I never saw any growth prior to frost so we may need to try again this spring. Making old pasture new is an expensive business but non-productive pasture is expensive too. I am considering a pasture experiment. My experiment would be to use no-till planting on three paddocks and actually digging up one paddock and re-planting it. I have not turned any ground out here for about 13 years so I am curious. I am also perhaps only blowing smoke as I am a believer in no-tillage planting.

It was nice seeing everyone at Christmas, Dave. It seems that equal number of celebrants were human and canine, it was a nice mix. I hope we do it again next Christmas. I also hope Mary brings more of Aunt Wilma’s biscotti. Happy New Year, Dave.

Your little bro’

update******This afternoon, we received a lovely tin in the mail full of biscotti from sister in-law Mary!*******

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