Reflections on the Flu

It is now your time to survive the cold and flu season. If you survive, summer is your time to take pride in that you trudged through the shadow of virus and bacteria and yet remained impervious to the plague of our time and place.

I always say maintenance is much easier than repair; for this reason-get a flu vaccine. I know there’s a YouTube video that says you should avoid flu shots but there’s also a YouTube video that proves beyond a doubt that man had never visited the moon. Vaccinations provide something called herd immunity. Herd immunity is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a large percentage of a population gets the flu shot. This provides a measure of protection for individuals who do not get the flu shot or fro whom the shot does not work. Not all vaccines protect everyone however if everyone gets the vaccine, you reduce carriers to the point the you have herd immunity.

I know that vaccines are not an expensive scam as vaccines exist for cattle. Anything that exists for cattle must work well as no farmer spends money of something that doesn’t work. Plus most vaccines are relatively cheap, no motive to scam anyone if there isn’t a ton of money to be made.

Some of my favorite tactics to repulse colds are pretty simple. I gargle with Listerine, a lot. I gargle through one bottle every ten days during winter. The following is pretty graphic; when I gargle-I go deep. I allow the Listerine to go as deep as possible in my throat and then gargle in an almost explosive manner. I then move up the throat to the back of my mouth and disinfect the area once occupied by my tonsils. I tip my head from one side to another to focus the bubbles on different areas. Finally, I place my tongue close to the top of my mouth and violently gargle in an effort to really clean the soft palate area. This systematic gargling blitzkrieg ends when all mucous has lost grip and plunged into the sink. I told you it was graphic.

Wear something on your head and neck, particularly your neck when you go outside. If you were a scarf or neck gaiter, pull it up over your nose. I heard a recent study found that a warm nose was less hospitable to virus than a cold nose. Cover your face and your breath will keep your nose warm. I would find and cite the study but you can do that yourself-everyone has google.

Finally, get some sleep. There’s nothing as responsive and able to defend itself like a healthy body. A big part of that health is solid sleep. It give your body the chance to recover and be ready for whatever is next. What’s next? The cold and flu season-I wish you the best of health.

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