Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

It is my day off so I am watching my agriculture program that I have saved. I am also entertaining all three of our “on-staff “cats and preparing for their twice-weekly dose of laxative.

It’s obvious that our cats enjoy a fair amount of our focus, Dave. Each morning, I head for the couch with my coffee and call out “I need my entourage.” which brings Laine, Twitch and Magoo from whatever perch they’ve enjoyed for the evening. Lisa has various medicine dosages marked on our calendar so we stay on schedule. I think of all the medicinal events, squirting the tuna-flavored laxative into their mouths is hardest for me. Depending on my technique and the the individual cat’s temperament, the results vary from total success to me cleaning off the tuna-flavored stuff from cat fur.

Agriculture programs have become a more tense experience. Just a few years ago, most of the features were comparisons about which new tractor or device to purchase. These same programs now feature more about financing and marketing. I think reduced agriculture commodity prices means farmers have to work even harder to save more, procure money and sell when margins are best.

Congratulations on your latest grand-daughter Dave. Mary and you must be very proud of Aria and her parents, Erin and Jeff. Always exciting to add another birthday to the calendar.

Most of my projects have been heat-based this year, Dave. What I mean is that most of my projects occurred in a heated area. The only outdoors work the interested me was snow removal. I did mount an outdoor WiFi hub and wire it into the house but my outdoor exposure was pretty minimal.

I did find myself a project with lots of potential however, Dave. I’ve noticed that there are a few people who are creating toy tractors from old sewing machines. I even picked up an old sewing machine at K & J treasures last week-end. It was the first step of many which will include gathering other old pieces and parts to make an old sewing machine into something bright and shiny. It’s nice to have the time to indulge myself in these little projects. I think my first tractor will be a Farmall; of course all of them will probably be a Farmall/International Harvester. I guess if I do the work, I get to decide on color.

I sure have enjoyed our weekly interviews during my radio program. It feels like any of the conversations we’ve had over the last several decades but I especially like our “tractor of the week.” It is one of those things I think about during the week when I need a little boost.

Well, my hair has come to an average length so it’s time to head for the stylist and that number one comb. Tell everyone connected to Aria’s arrival congratulations and we will talk soon.

Your little bro’

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