There’s Always Cats

I can always talk about cats. There’s always cats.

People sometimes ask me if it is hard to write, it is not-however no column starts without a topic. I manage a topic per week but some weeks are more fertile while others are kind of barren. I have found this week to be a little barren, however I can always write about cats.

My Wednesday is typically a cat day. After my column is finished, a fair amount of day is spent attending to the cats. Cat laxative is a big part of the day, not for me but I imagine it looms large in the minds of our cats. I use a plastic syringe without the needle to squirt the tuna-flavored laxative into each cat’s mouth. Twitch and Laine are pretty receptive to the laxative which translates literally that I have no bloody scratches after the procedure is complete. Magoo is more of a battle. I’m not sure that cats understand irony however I believe Magoo might chuckle a little if he realized how ironic it was that he should fight so hard against something that he needs so much. This is the second week I’ve written about cat laxative so maybe enough said.

I just performed the equivalent of checking my watch during a conversation, I checked the word count as I am writing. Don’t feel bad, it’s not you-it’s me.

I can never decide if Shakespeare’s line, “winter of our discontent” means it is the worst sort of discontent or if it means that this discontent is almost over. I find that February is the winter of my discontent as it is both the worst and almost complete. Each day grows as the earth realigns itself with the sun which means I can afford to hope for spring but also means I can more easily see the snow and cold that tells me spring might be further off than even suggested by a failed Groundhogs Day. I always enjoyed winter until this fall. I mentioned something about Arizona to Lisa and she was shocked. The idea passed quickly but I’ve never mentioned Arizona or even thought about it prior to this snippet of conversation.

In the past when I was a little shy on subject matter, I used to take several undeveloped ideas and toss them together. I think these columns were well-received as they were mostly topic and light on detail-kind of like a good pop music song. These column were built around the musical template of “don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” I now am too protective of good topics and am willing to wait for a subject to develop as I learn more about it or drill down in my own mind to develop an opinion. I am not willing to burn several topics on one column.

So what does a writer do when he’s a little light on topics. Just write, I guess. Perhaps write about some subject matter that is safe, and furry, doesn’t read what I write-and is currently asleep. In the end, there’s always cats. I can always write about cats.

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