What Is Worth Knowing

The last few months, I have been really clear. I have always prided myself on the depth and clarity of my thinking, pulling off layers of what separated me from the truth. The world can warp your mind, typically by fear. The truth is, that world of confusion, poor rationalizations, fear and self-doubt occur in a world between your ears. Anyway, I have never been more clear or certain that the last few months so I want to tell you what I have found.

Most of the people I know work hard to improve themselves and their lot in life. I truly admire this and count myself as one of these people. It’s important to have a stable bank account and some things. I think a big mistake in these pursuits is seeing money and things as a goal in themselves. The truth is-money and things are just tools to make life better. Things are there to help you do more with your life in a shorter time and money is nothing more than freedom.

Money and things become a problem when they are the goal and not seen as tools. When they become the focus of a person’s efforts and become the only goal in your life, then they become problems instead of tools. These inanimate things are there to make the relationships of your life more focused and richer, not just to make you richer.

Okay, I said the first part of my piece; now this is what I really want to say. I often say my world has become smaller over time. When I was younger, my world was much larger-way more social contacts and activities. As I have aged, everything has gotten smaller but more dense. My relationships are more satisfying and I am more invested in them than ever. It is because of this that I can tell you what I really came here to say.

All the work you do, all the things you do to improve yourself, all of your investments of time and money mean nothing without someone with whom to share it. You take all of this work and condense it down into the person you are today and it doesn’t mean a thing unless you can share it with someone who will listen as you tell your story and share your accomplishments.

In these little moments of time, you share time with someone who you trust to such a degree that you are willing to love them to a point that your are very vulnerable. In these little, intimate moments-you share the reasons why you have done the things in your life while you share what these actions have made of you. These are tiny moments that take time to play-out and no one else needs to know about them. When others know, the moment is diluted and not as satisfying to the small group that truly owns this slice of time. There is little else in life that matters so much other than my relationship with God.

I am 52 years old. This is what I have learned up until now that I find truly matters. If I learn anything else worth sharing, I will let you know.

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