Personal Glory=Personal Poison

Glory to me seems like the metallic element mercury-dangerous when used by some and helpful when handled by others. It also takes many shapes as does mercury.

I have thought a lot about glory lately, from my perspective and from a spiritual sense. It is one of those topics that is complex and I will probably continue to think about it for the rest of my life. I have looked at different Bible verses that talk about glory but would never try to interpret them. I do see a theme of glory being a powerful entity and even kind of dangerous depending upon how you handle it. I want to talk about my own experience with personal glory.

I’ve long told myself, “give away glory.” I sometimes hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers sing the chorus from a 90’s hit “give it away, give it away now,” when presented with glory-not the same meaning but it is what I hear. I’ve always found that believing glory was mine causes problems. It either makes me lose my focus or think I no longer need to improve. I’ve seen others take full glory for a project created by many hands and I have found it repulsive. I think about people who believe a structure or project is their legacy. If these people could see how craving personal glory causes a break with those who created and paid for their “legacy”-they would not crave that personal glory so much.

The Bible seems to consistently say that you should give all glory to God-because that’s where everything came from in the first place. I’ve always thought that performing the work is my enjoyment while the end result is God’s Glory. Glory is mentioned so often in the Bible that it is a little confusing so I hope my approach is the correct way to handle the situation.

Here’s how I truly approach glory. I treat it like poison. It is poison to humans and should be handled only by God. If humans have to accept personal glory then it should be spread among as many people as possible so they only have to swallow a little sip of this poison. I have seen those who regularly indulge deeply in personal glory and they are typically sick: sick in their mind, soul and even their body. They present these facades that are tall and impressive but are only are as deep as a playing card is thick. What lies behind the facade is not pretty.

It’s like a lot of things I’ve read in the Bible, the advice is sometimes pretty practical. Some of the things said might not seem timely anymore but there is so much that is like good advice from your dad. Some of what is written is beyond my understanding but that is because I am like a young person listening to a parent’s advice. I probably won’t value the advice until I have matured or thought about their words over time or viewed the advice through my own experiences.

Personal glory is best handled only with great knowledge and protection, just like the metal mercury. I believe most of us have neither the knowledge or protection to handle personal glory safely. It’s best to just give it away.

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