A Little Transition

I guess we could talk about the weather but that has been done to death. The weather is a background for life however it also changes how we do things. I guess we can talk about what happens when the weather doesn’t happen.

First off, if you farm-you are probably getting a little edgy. My guess is that most farmers have their equipment field-ready, maybe for a few weeks. I spoke with my brother Dave and he told me that when the sun comes out, more farmers come to the implement dealership where he works. Then, when we receive yet another spring snow, things slow down a bit. I keep looking for an air seeder with a front-mounted snowblower to show up at a field near me but things have not approached that level of desperation yet.

The transitions periods are most exciting in Minnesota. We all know what to expect of each season but the transition periods are always different. It’s best if these periods of transition happen quickly because if they last too long, no one know how to handle it. I mean, I have certain things I like to do when the ground is too cold to pound fence posts but cold enough to prevent mud. These tasks are not unending however extended transition tasks my ability to use my time productively.

I do have one spring transition I enjoy-watching others prepare. A few weeks ago, I noticed bulldozers as they opened driveways to gravel pits. Heavy loads went over the road before load limits were placed on roads as the ground underneath thaws. We recently noticed a construction trailer set-up at the Digi-Key lot in preparation of massive construction. The next few years will offer both construction to watch and detours as roads and infrastructure are upgraded. It will be exciting and inconvenient but it will also be worth it.

Extended transition has given me a little more time. I know, there is only so much time but I seem to have a little more right now. I built a door for our tornado shelter which seems like an obvious need for a tornado shelter but I ran out of interest in this project a while back. Anyway, it is now done. I also found enough time to start building another toy tractor from a sewing machine. This sewing machine is a little more modern and its’ current design reminds me of a Case 1370 or something similar so I guess we’ll see.

One constant in our transition is, another year-another chronic cat malady. Laine was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. This isn’t so bad because her pill is chewable and I think Laine feels more included as we go through our regular triage with her two diabetic brothers.

Transition implies an eventual end to the trip. This one will end soon with stressed farmers, traffic detours and the eventually explosion of mosquitoes. Maybe transition isn’t so bad.

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