Laine Nelson’s Life

I wrote about our kitty, Laine, last week. I told you how she recently got sick and wouldn’t eat. We worked hard to make her better but in the end we had to euthanize her. In the end, it appears she might have had a stomach cancer. That’s enough about her death, I am here to speak of her life.

Laine Nelson came into our lives somewhere back in 2004 or so. I noticed her in the hay shed with new kittens. Over time, we fed her in the hay shed and later I built a heated barn for her to live in up on the porch. From there, we lured her into the house over the course of about 1 ½ years. Her first veterinary records are from 2008 so that is about when she became a house cat.

Laine did not meow until the last few years. She would open her mouth and make the “meow” motions but nothing would come out. Years later, when she finally did make the sounds it truly sounded like a human saying “meow.” I suspect she was deaf and never cleaned herself until she learned the action from her brothers, Twitch and Magoo. Lisa brushed her until she learned the hygiene she never knew as a struggling wild cat.

Laine loved to jump from one piece of furniture to the other. Really bold jumps that were amazing to watch. After she used the litter box, she would happily run through the house then up the steps and back-trilling the whole time. She did make noises even when she couldn’t meow, she could trill and make a sound like “whooo.”

Years after she became a house cat, she still liked to sit in the cat barn on the porch for hours; especially in full sun as the front of the barn is Plexiglas. She was a lifelong loner but loved the presence of a few trusted people and animals. I found her sitting next to a skunk one night and after that her nickname was “skunkocheetah.” The first person she trusted other than us was Paul Maloney who did some house-sitting for us in 2009 or so.

Laine learned from her brothers and slowly came to enjoy all the comforts with which they had grown up. Saturday morning, we typically let the cats in the bedroom and they love it. Laine never jumped up until about two years ago. She had a beautiful, surprised look on her tiny face initially but the bed soon became very familiar for her and we would find her there laying in the sunshine.

I am going to talk about Laine’s death a bit more. We had planned to keep her comfortable until she died but Saturday she looked so tired and had trouble keeping her head up. Dr Novak was in the area and stopped by to give Laine peace. Lisa and I had wanted to give Laine at least one more summer but that was not possible so instead we brought her out on the porch on that lovely day. She felt the sun on her face and breathed the sweet air. We each took turns holding her in my old baby blanket. When Dr Novak arrived, she was so kind to us and Laine. After the initial injection, Lisa and I took turns holding Laine and kissing her beautiful head. She passed so peacefully, it was so sad but the very best we could do for her.

I had already dug her grave in the newer portion of out little pet cemetery. Lisa wrapped Laine up in my baby blanket-it would protect her as it once protected me. My parents showed love with that blanket to me and we now passed on that love to little Laine. Lisa and I brought her to the grave and I laid her in the ground. I took my time to make sure she laid on her side and was aligned comfortably. This was our little girl, gone forever by constantly present in our minds and hearts.

Laine now joins our family in Heaven. She will meet our dog Muffin-a dog she never met but seemed to share a kinship. She can meet my brother in-law Keith and my brother Steve-both of whom loved animals. They can hold her until we meet again. Until then, we will hold her only in our hearts .

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