Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

It always feels good to wrap up the month with a letter. Back in the 70’s, I used to send you a fair amount of hand-written letters and I think Mary and I corresponded some too. Those were good memories and the letters I write today typically compose themselves as they did when I was writing them back on the farm near Viking.

I took time off during the last few days of Laine’s life. I wanted to be around to care for her but she mostly just slept. I needed to stay busy so I worked on projects, Dave. I have wanted a new waterer for the cattle for years and so installed one along with a wall to separate the two sides of the waterer. IMG_0583I think this waterer can handle 100 cattle so it will serve two different corrals nicely. I wanted to level the concrete before I made the install but decided I like practicality more than looks and left all that concrete and re-bar alone. The wall had to be heavy and tough so I used two by tens and two by twelves. It was heavy work for one person but the bright side is it gives my chiropractor a little extra folding money for the month.

Not all projects have to end with an ice pack, Dave. I finished up another sewing machine tractor and brought it in for decals. It’s amazing how much of my effort really never shows on any project build. The efforts I make are essential to the success of the project but you really don’t see my efforts. What you really see is the paint, little design touches and decals. IMG_0579I mean, a sewing machine tractor would fall apart if I didn’t gob on enough weld but I hide most of the welds underneath. Also, I need sewing machines that easily lend themselves to conversion to a toy tractor so a big part of the build is purchasing the appropriate sewing machine.IMG_0580

Farmers are doing well around here, Dave. They caught up with seeding and had good weather to plant. Now we need some rain, seeds have germinated but their future is being played out in our pasture if we don’t get some rain. The pasture right now shoots up each time it rains but there isn’t moisture reserve to tap into to continue growth. I don’t like relying on “timely rains,” good subsoil moisture turns the cool light on in my mind and extinguishes the hot light. I do need to renovate a couple paddocks of pasture this year but I think I will plants some peas, radishes and turnips and make this a transition year. I will be dry lotting some cattle this summer too so Bryan Steiger is building me some new hay feeders. It will soon be very busy around here but good memories are made of hard work so I look forward to it.

I suppose we will talk to you on my radio program again this week-end but until then, tell everyone hello.

You’re little bro’ (below is a video the features my latest sewing machine tractor)

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