Country Roads

It seems a lot of people associate me with country roads. I guess they would be correct.

I spend much of my life on country roads. There’s very little traffic when you get off the state highways and that is something I enjoy. I like to drive the speed limit or even slower and that makes me on oddball on busy highways. I spend much of my driving time on these busy roads being tailgated by drivers in mini-vans who obviously have little understanding of the physics of how long it would take for them to bring their vehicle and impatient attitude to a complete stop should the vehicle they are following have to apply emergency brakes. It is for this reason that I head for country roads.

It’s odd to me that I am not familiar with more local country roads, considering I spend most of my life close to home. Just a few weeks ago, I drove a road upon which I never had until that day. It was a beautiful area; the tress were close to the road and it was green and new to me. It was just a country road but seeing it re-set my perspective and made me think of things long left in my mental vault. These thoughts were unconnected to anything that occurred on the road that morning but it took this little drive to jog my mind. When I drive somewhere, it is usually for a purpose so I take the shortest route. It might be a good idea to try some alternate routes in the future.

I often think about certain roads that mean something to me. The Lilac Ridge road would occupy space near the top of that list. I spent a lot of time on Lilac Ridge cruising with my friends when I was young. Listening to Rod Stewart or Hank Jr on the stereo while driving around looking at the trees or some occasional crops. It is a memory that lights as though it were attached to a switch that only works if you try it a few times. It’s a road that feels like it’s mine.

Another good road is located just past the Old Crossing Treaty Park at Huot. I get a weird sense of deja vu when I drive that little road. The first time I drove that road was with Lisa. We had been through Huot Park and decided to follow a little country road out of the park. There were a few houses along this riverside area and it was really pretty. We followed the road to a little cemetery and sat and pondered the stories that ended in this little plot of land. It’s a road that doesn’t feel like it’s mine but it was nice to borrow it for a little.

I like how nice the County Highway Department maintains the country roads upon which we drive. My affinity for these roads goes deeper than their care, they are an emotional connection to a time of joy, a time of discovery or a time when I needed a change in my perspective. Country roads are a good association for me.

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