Cold summer morning

I have ran the heat in my pick-up this summer-twice. I love to wax nostalgic either forwards or backwards so a cold morning reminds me of both what has happened and what is yet to come-either feels pretty good.

First off, a cold morning always reminds me that the sugar beet harvest is right around the corner; pre-pile harvest typically starts sometime in August. Harvesting sugar beets when it’s still summer never felt right to me-beet harvest should be cold and kind of wet. I have said before that people should find good moments during difficult times because those are the memories that really stick. Pre-pile beet harvest is too easy to make memories although it is easier on equipment. Of course, pre-pile is a time when the harvest works out any bugs in equipment so maybe good weather just makes it seems easy.

A cold morning is also fair notice that it is time to plan an end-game for all outdoor projects. Many of my outdoor projects expand in their scope through the summer. A nice, cold morning tells me that expansion ends and contraction begins. It’s time to pull back on the reins and bring projects to a finish. It’s also a time to project my mind into the future and prepare for winter. Some preparation is as simple as getting a propane summer fill while another preparation is how to maintain the cattle on pasture while at the same time keeping the pasture healthy and ready for the winter. It’s important to have the pasture grow up and start sending some energy to its root system before a hard frost. It seems like frost arrives later each year but one surprise night of 27 degree temps can stop everything. It’s been so dry this year that the old rules may not even apply.

Humans are blessed with not only memories but reason; this makes it possible to look at your mistakes and plan to not repeat these mistakes. Those first cold mornings cause me to reminisce upon actions that work or not; mistakes create knowledge when properly used and you have to fearlessly try things to learn from mistakes. I have tried several different tactics for snow removal and feel pretty confident in my method. My snow removal tactics are a combination of speed, completeness and things I have learned from watching the street and highway department. I plow when I need to remove snow quickly but use the blower to prepare for the next storm. I have a snow catchment area I saw diagrammed in the newspaper that I use for our driveway. I let the snow pile here then blow it into the woods the next time I a get a few spare hours. It took some effort to make this system but makes life far easier in the long run.

A cold morning is a good time to improve, prepare and plan. It’s also a nice time to drink coffee and sit with our cat, Twitch. Maybe that’s the best part of a summer’s cold morning.

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