As many know, Lisa and I lost Laine and Magoo this year. Laine and Magoo were two cats who have been a big part of our family for many years. Twitch was left by himself which made the house a little quiet. I think Twitch was okay being an only-cat but fate found this situation less than satisfactory.

About two weeks after Magoo was gone, we started seeing movement out in the yard. The movement included a gray cat and a black cat who were stray to us. The black cat has stayed pretty fearful of us however they gray cat has become less than stray. This cat’s name is Clyde.

First off, I fully believe these two cats were drop-offs. Someone decided to drop them at the end of our driveway and let fate handle the rest. This is not proper human behavior towards a pet. Proper behavior is accepting the responsibility of caring for an animal from the second they becomes yours until they pass from this earth. It’s really the basic skills you need to be a human being. It is unknown where the black cat is however I can tell you where the gray cat is at because he is snuggled next to me on the couch.

Lisa already knew about the two stray cats hanging around our farm. I had mentioned to her that we might be able to tame the gray cat before winter but doubt (and still do) that the black cat will ever live in our house. A few weeks ago, Lisa came in the house and said, “I guess he is ours.” What she meant was that the gray tom-cat had just spent the last ten minutes on her lap or wrapped around her neck. Once he decided we were okay, he really warmed up to us quickly.

I named him “Clyde” partially because he is long and sleek like basketball play Clyde Drexler; the other part is Waylon Jennings. One of my favorite of Jenning’s tune is “Clyde,” a tale about a man who “don’t wear no shoes, pickin’ the bass and singin’ the blues.” The character I imagine sitting on that porch would be pretty similar to our new cat. Anyway, that is why Clyde is so named, Lisa added a middle name, “Hopper.”

Twitch and Clyde have been getting along pretty well now which means Twitch has accepted Clyde enough to occasionally lick his head. We are giving Twitch extra attention to allay any fears he might have that he is no longer needed on staff-he is definitely needed and wanted. I have been feeding them treats together to get them some regular, positive experiences.

So, next week the boys go the the veterinarian for a check-up and so Clyde can be neutered. I guess that is the same thing as saying Clyde is now ours. Oddly, and more accurately, it is a way to say the Twitch, Lisa and I are now Clyde’s.

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