Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

It is so nice to need blankets when we watch television. Admittedly, we keep the air conditioning set low enough to warrant blankets in the middle of summer however it is better to come by it naturally. It is about 43 degrees outside right now.

I have been really busy on the week-ends lately, Dave. It’s a good kind of busy as most of the things I do have been a part of my wish list for years. Most of these tasks have to do with writing or broadcasting of some sort; you have been involved with a portion of these week-ends for the last year during our weekly interview. It’s really a highlight to my week.

Lisa and I began attending movies at Falls Cinema after which I write a review. It is such a gift to be invited to do something so fun and then have someone listen to my opinion of what we’ve seen. This enjoyable task has made a difference in our lives in that we now have a regular date to spend time together. It’s also fun to have no choice which movie we review which means we are watching movies that we once never would have even considered.

Bean harvest is progressing nicely, Dave. We are mostly harvesting soil from ditches right now as bean harvest has transition to the ditching season. Corn is next although I suspect we have a few more weeks before that harvest begins-it seems corn, sugar beets and sunflowers all vie for attention at the same time.

Our newest cat went awol (absent with out leave) this week, Dave. Clyde is young and impulsive and must have got in over his head one night when he left the yard bound for adventure. Two days later, Lisa found the little tomcat under our deck and hurt. He walked hunched over and one paw was missing fur-indicative that he had been licking it as cats try to heal their injuries by licking the painful area. We now have Clyde back on the couch and he is feeling much better.

I hope your Fall Fest went well in Carrington, Dave. You all put so much work into the Festival and I hope to see pictures soon. I’ve come to see the Carrington junk fest and this fall festival as road marks in the passage of one season to the next.

Most of the projects around here are coming to an end. My garage is about done so all that is left are the new barn gates; after that I am done. Work has been crazy busy as we’ve moved our dispatch into the basement-it will be nice to finish up everything as I am ready for some boredom.

Tell everyone hello, your little bro’

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