In pictures

Before leaving for North Carolina, my sister Deb divested herself of many things-including a bag of pictures for me. I recently took some time to go through this large Ziploc bag of memories.

The collection of pictures seemed to be mixed. I suspect some of them are from my mom’s archives and some of the picture were taken by Deb. I think a few of them were even taken by me. I’d forgotten some of the pictures while others were like I had seen them just last week.

There were quite a few family pictures taken during deer hunting. It’s funny, I never really cared for deer hunting but it was fun to be with family and I really enjoyed the massive lunches packed by my mom. One hunting picture shows our party in my parent’s old garage. Mike, Joel, and Kyle Waterworth are in the picture along with my dad, brother Darrel, nephew Jamie and me. Hunting always brings back lots of good memories of Dave coming home and the fun traditions but I also remember always being cold.

There’s a very nice picture of my parents at their 25th wedding anniversary. I remember this celebration as the kids sang “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce for mom and dad. Dad seemed to like that blue suit a lot and they both look proud and happy. The picture was taken in the basement of Zion Lutheran Church in Viking. “Circles” were groups of women that performed tasks for the church and one of them would have been assigned serving food for the anniversary celebration. If you look carefully at the picture, you can see Loretta Halvorson at work.

So much happened in the kitchen of our home near Viking-therefore a lot of these pictures are taken there. One picture shows my dad asleep in front of the heat register on the floor of the kitchen. This was an awesome, warm spot where we dried gloves during the winter. I loved sitting there myself because it was so warm and comfortable. In the picture, you can see dad has come in from work and must have been taking a break. There’s a box of recently-dried gloves sitting right next to him. This was really the epicenter of the home because you can see the steps that led upstairs and the door to the basement. It was the Nelson family terminal for just about everything.

There is one picture of me that I really like; me and a favorite animal. I believe the animal was a heifer I took to the fair who I had named “Farrah,” (thank-you Charlie’s Angel’s.) In the picture, I am wearing the “Jacque’s Seeds” hat I wore through much of the seventies and early eighties. I really liked that hat because it was red, white and blue and had a nice shape to it. In the picture, I have my arm around the heifer and you can tell I am very happy. I have always enjoyed being around animals and cattle mean a lot to me. Life changes all of us as we are allowed to progress through it and enjoy our time on earth. This progress is marked by changes internally and externally that manifest themselves in our smile or lack of it. If ever I need to remember where I started to figure out where I am, I would like that day to be my starting point. It was a moment when I was really me, a time-like many-captured in pictures.

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