Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

All that snow that was drop-shipped right at beginning of fall is gone. Since that first snowfall, we have seen one over-70 degree day and harvest cranked up again. The little blast of snow was a good wake-up for everyone who either needed a car starter or to pour fuel stabilizer in the lawnmower gas tank.

Our little breakfast at the Viking Diner last week was nice, Dave. It was a good time to get some of us together for a quick visit and even better in Viking. It’s funny to think of how people leave home, live their lives but those memories seem to drawn them back in time and nothing brings those memories back like some good food.

I have always considered the sugar beet harvest to be almost something from another world. I traveled to Warren for 26 years to haul sugar beets which made the job seem more like an experience. I haven’t hauled beets for a few years but recently the harvest found me again, Dave. This fall, I sat on the couch and watched the lights of trucks, harvesters and tractors through the trees as they harvested beets. It was like worlds crossing to see the familiar equipment on land I’ve seen for years yet the two did not seem like a natural combination. I still had to sit on the road and watch for a little bit.

There is a pretty strong nesting instinct for me, Dave. Winter is a battle in rural areas and all movements have to be considered as one. What I mean is that if I spend less effort shoveling the sidewalk then I have more time/energy available to plow the driveway or blow out the yard. Light is also an important factor as most of the winter war is waged in the dark. For these reasons, I went through all of our outdoor lighting and either revamped, re-positioned or adjusted until it all makes sense. Lisa and I also ordered heated outdoor mats for the deck that leads from the house to the garage. If I don’t have to spend time shoveling this area, I have more time to do a better job moving larger expanses of snow prior to going to work. It seems like little jobs take as much time as the larger ones because there’s always so much detail work so I always try to eliminate the little jobs first which should be accomplished with the heated mats.

Your drone pictures of the home farm near Viking were excellent as were the pics of the old railroad dam. I really enjoy your pictures and use them pretty often for my online posts. I hope you don’t mind if I pay you royalty fees in the form of gratitude, Dave.

Tell everyone hello, your little bro’

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