Whatever happened to Maggie?

Whatever happened to that cat? Remember that cat you dropped off at the end of someones driveway or just neglected until it went away? My guess is most people take good care of their pets however there are those who can justify their own lack of responsibility and never see the results of poor care or no care of their animals. They never know what happens to the stray they create and so are blissfully unaware of how the story ends

Lisa and I have been helping a stray cat that arrived at our farm this fall. We believe the stray was a female and have named her Bonnie or Maggie-we hadn’t decided on a final name. Maggie was scared of humans, originally she would flee when we drove in the yard. I started feeding her out by the cattle and slowly moved her up to the house. As of last week, she was taking her water and soft food at the house. We also offered two types of housing-one heated-under the porch. She also had a house inside one garage with a large pillow and a straw-bale house in the barn. All locations had dry food which showed because Maggie had finally gained some weight.

Lisa and I have been through this before, Laine was a very scared cat who we turned into a house cat over a period of 1 ½ years back in 2006. Maggie was on her way to becoming an interior cat and had already made friends with our cat Clyde. We had watched them play outside together many times and even spend time together at the shelter in the garage. If we’d had another six months or so, we would have been able to touch Maggie and it doesn’t take long to get them inside after that happens. This process of gaining trust and befriending ended Friday night.

If you love animals a lot then why don’t you quit reading, I really don’t think you will like what I say after this. If you enjoyed the previous three paragraphs, meet me back here next week. This column is an answer to the question “whatever happened to the cat we abandoned?”

We heard what sounded like a cat fight Friday night in front of the door to our home. This is where Maggie’s food is so I thought she and another cat might be fighting. I ran to the door and saw Maggie in what looked like a rear choke hold by a fisher.

fisher 2A fisher is a member of the weasel family which is larger than a cat. It has large teeth and prefers to kill its’ prey with a bite from behind that renders the victim paralyzed. I jumped out the door and the fisher released Maggie and ran off.

I found Maggie under a metal chair on our porch. The blood from her neck had already frozen her to the chair. I gently pulled her away from the chair and laid her on the heated mats we have in front of the door. I know she is scared of humans but I held her a few seconds because I hoped she would tell that I care about her and maybe she should have a little human kindness before the end. Her front leg was somewhat usable but the rest of her body was limp. She was waiting to die.

I put Maggie down myself as it was night-time and she needed relief from her pain. I hated doing this but her pain was more important than my feelings and so prayed for her and then did it. I couldn’t bury her as the ground is frozen so I left her outside. The fisher must have come back for her as her body is gone.

I would like to end this with something upbeat or mention my hopes for Maggie’s life after death. I guess I just wanted her one-time owner to know whatever happened to Maggie. I hope they appreciate that we tried to give her the life they did not offer to her.

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