A Heavenly Chat

I left a post online last week for a friend who had lost a close animal friend. We’ve all been through this and have given and received comfort from fellow animal lovers. I told the friend what I’ve always wanted in the afterlife and how it pertained to our animal friends. I want to tell you this week about my wish.

Okay, to really explain this-I have to assume I get to Heaven when I die-you’ll have to give me this one to make it work. I’ve always thought that human knowledge of Heaven is derived directly from the Bible but I have god-given ideas and desires so I suppose they shape my ideas of the afterlife. As far as access to Heaven for animals, there have been books written about the subject and Friar Jack Wintz covered the subject pretty completely in “I will see you in heaven” and included Bible verses that support the concept of animal afterlife.

Here’s my Heavenly wish: I want to be able to speak with animals-particularly the animals I have loved on earth. Cats, cattle, dogs, guinea pigs, gerbils-I want to speak with all of them. I would want to ask them if their lives were satisfying and was there anything more I could have done for them. I would want to ask them what they were thinking at certain points in our shared lives and if I responded correctly to what they wanted from me.

I would ask Laine if our decision to remove her bad tooth helped her at all or if she was going to die anyway. I would ask her if I was gentle enough when I had to give her soft food in her final days. I would want to ask Magoo if he knew Twitch and I were with him on the couch during his last day on earth. Magoo was very sick and Twitch and I had snuggled him until the veterinarian arrived that morning.

I would ask my old cow, Head-butt, if we kept her too long or if her final years we nice for her. I would ask any of our cattle if our handling facilities made sense to them and if they felt calm when moving through the system of gates, a bud box and a crowding tub.

My dog, Buddy, was run over by a train while we walked along the tracks. I would like to ask him if he suffered any and tell him how much I missed him when he passed. Buddy died in the mid 90’s and was the one good thing going in my private life at that time and his passing felt like a direct act of the devil. I have never felt so lonely and angry in my life. I would dream of him for years after his death and often woke-up wondering if he was still alive. I would ask him if he knew about those dreams.

If I am granted Heaven and I could talk to the animals I have loved, I would ask any of them one main question, “ did you know how much we loved you?” If they could answer yes then that would make every sickness, every death and sad turn worth it-a thousand times over.

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