Here’s your change

Moore’s law states that the amount of semiconductors in any given area will double every two years. It is more of an observation based on historical data than a formula. I have extended Moore’s law to the human condition as our culture changes so quickly; as Ferris Bueller once said, “life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it.”

Maybe my observations on change were spurred by local check cashing policies. Fewer stores now accept checks and those who do need-at a minimum-your driver’s license or a DNA swab test. I don’t blame them as their diligence protects against theft however it still shows change. We no longer trust a signature and some signatures or no longer trustworthy.

As a culture, we have become so good at parsing the truth and speaking in subtle shades of gray that the truth is hard to locate. Family and friendship were once based on truth and honor however now they are too often run like the floor of Congress. We mirror what we see from our leadership, it’s just unfortunate that we see politicians as leaders instead of as employees. We should choose our leaders from the good workers, good people and good parents that shape our lives.

Another change I truly dislike is the relationship between parents and teachers. As a child, I behaved as a child and would be called to task by my teacher. I would then modify my behavior. I acted this way as I was taught to respect adults. If I had complained to my parents about a teacher’s discipline, my parents would have been upset with me.

Today, teachers dare not discipline students as the kids will complain to their very receptive parents. Kids still make bad decisions and they still lie and need discipline in school. This discipline is sometimes seen by parents as failure and they refuse to accept the correction as to do so would damage parental ego. Instead, they will fight tooth and nail to prove their child did no wrong. To accept correction of their children’s behavior would be of great benefit to the character of the children and the parent however character is sometimes sacrificed at the altar of ego. Rejection of teacher authority is often justified by the handful of incidents of teacher misconduct zealously reported by our national media. I wish they would report on the good teachers with as much gusto.

What do we do to slow, or reverse, the changes that hurt our culture? Maybe the speed of our culture can be used to make good changes. It will take work; real, meaningful work. It starts will the individual then expands to our relationships and fans out to our culture, The work starts fresh every time you think and every time you act. Find a church that preaches the word of God instead of the word of man, value the importance of your closest friends instead of mass popularity. Forget the slick infomercials that pass for national news, instead observe the events of the day and make your own conclusions. Read past the headline and decide if the course of the day is leading to a world in which you want your children to live; then act. Do the work, attend the meetings and make the decisions that create good change.

This column may sound like I dislike change. I dislike some recent changes however, to me, change equals hope. We need to dig deep and decide that we value more how we “like “ the person in the mirror as opposed to the “likes” we get on Facebook. We need to realize that this world is a stage rehearsal for the next. Forget your ego and rediscover your character, the payoff is self-respect. Yeah, we need to change.

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