Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

It is one of those dreary days that make productivity almost impossible. The last two days produced a lot of rain which locked in pasture growth which is really great. The glory of needed rain is now past and it is just plain cloudy.

I still have some nice memories from my trip to Carrington, Dave. I especially enjoyed sitting in the back yard of your home with you and Mary. It was just nice to have such peace and quiet to visit before I headed back home. It’s funny, but I used to really enjoy driving with the windows down however now it kid of adds to the fatigue, maybe I will have to get my truck’s air conditioning in better shape before my next trip.

Back at our little farm, we continue to experiment. I don’t fertilize our pasture very often however this year’s soil samples showed a need for soil supplement; fertilizer prices are pretty high so I decided I would try liquid fertilizer. I’ve always wanted to try liquid fertilizer and this seemed like a good year to not only bring more nitrogen to the grass but to reduce the Ph of our soil. This will be a mostly foliar application which means it will enter through the green portion of the plan instead of through the ground like dry fertilizer. I guess our next soil samples will tell me if this was a good choice.

Another new wrinkle to cattle farming this year has been the use of a monocular. I have always wanted to check the cattle more completely in the morning before work but I don’t like disturbing them. I tried my drone but the noise bothered them. I have never been able to line up binoculars properly with my eyes so I decided to try a monocular/spotting scope, It works fantastic and gives me a chance to take a quick peek at the cows from the road. It was ten dollars and made a real difference for me.

The Pennington County Fair is next week. I will emcee the TRF Beards and Beers Festival which is a highlight to my summer. This is such a crazy-quilt of people that makes for one really fun afternoon and gives me great ideas for another column. County fairs are the stuff that makes those who left the farm come back to raise families so it’s important to keep these institutions strong. It is also the turning point tot he summer for me as we are only a few weeks and one or two back-to-school sales away from autumn.

That last sentence either made readers a little nostalgic or they quit reading, Dave. I suspect you and I have similar views on summer so I hope you have kept on reading. Thanks again for the visit and tell everyone hello.

You’re little bro’

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