Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,


Somewhere, someone else is getting our rain-I am convinced of it. Up until late July, we were doing okay but missed rains have left us in need of soil moisture out in the cattle pasture. I suppose we will get it sometime after I finish writing this letter to you, hopefully sooner than later-prior to 2020 would be good.

It happened this week, Dave. I saw fall walk by the window. Summer has been staring through the windows the last few months and she’s a little hard to look at day after day. Fall’s colors are more subtle  whereas summer is just a little too pushy for me, it tries too hard. That first cold morning got me fired up for fall activities like sugar beet harvest. Actually, it got me fired up for other people to harvest sugar beets, Dave as I haven’t been a part of pre-pile or harvest for a few years.

It sounds like harvest is going well for your farmers out in Carrington, North Dakota. Your farmers are combining Rye and Barley out there while our farmers are in full preparation for the wheat harvest. Pre-pile for sugar beets also got underway this week which will continue by district until the initial quota is filled after which the main harvest begins October 1st.    I did see one local farmer today who said Barley has been running about average around here.

I tried something different with the rust on my hay feeders, Dave. I used POR 15 on the rusted surfaces. It doesn’t eliminate the rust but instead covers the rust and doesn’t let it oxidize any further. I will let you know if it works successfully on the hay feeders plus I can let you know if it works as a hair conditioner because the drop cloth did not catch all of the drops.

All this painting reminded me of one of the first columns I ever wrote, Dave. The told the story of how a Future Farmers of America instructor once told his students that they should paint their wagon during days when it rained outside. They should do this instead of “going to the beer parlor” on days when it rained too hard to get much outdoor worked completed. One of those students was our dad, Gene Nelson and he told me that story, he probably told it to you as well. I thought, while I painted, that I was indoors, painting my wagon while it rained outside and I definitely was not at the beer parlor; dad would be proud.

It is cool tonight and we are content to be ready for fall. I like this time of the year as practice regimens begin for high school sports and we get to see the Vikings bring out the latest version what will toy with our emotions well into winter. I hope all is well your way.


Your little bro’

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